1st Day in Webuye

   Today was Ron’s 1st day in Webuye, Kenya – Africa! 

Seeing it Happen

     Several weeks ago Ron sent Pastor Wycliffe an e-mail about a storm coming (check out Seeing Prophetically“), and up until Saturday there were no storms that matched what Ron had talked about. 

Seeing the Storm

 Saturday, while Ron was waiting in Chicago, Pastor Wycliffe called Ron.  Ron asked Pastor Wycliffe if there had been a storm yet, and Pastor Wycliffe answered that there had not been a storm like Ron had described.  Saturday night (the night before Easter) a storm arrived, just as Ron had prophesied, 40-60 mph winds, lightning hitting the ground.  Pastor Wycliffe went out into the storm and prophesied!

Seeing the Orphans

    First thing this morning Pastor Wycliffe took Ron to the orphanage in Webuye. Pastor Wycliffe’s wife Everland greeted Ron with a purple lei which she placed around his neck and then had the children greet Ron.  They each had memory verses, songs, and things to share.  There were around 80 children there to greet Ron.  They had purchased 2 hearts shaped cakes and had “Happy Easter” put on them. 

Ron being fed cake

 The children wanted to feed Ron, so one of the little girls “helped” Ron cut the cake.  Then she fed him the cake to honor him. Everland asked Ron to feed the children, but first asked if he would bless them.  Ron asked one of the teachers to come forward.  He wanted to show the children what a blessing” looked like”.  Ron then spoke over this teacher how special she was to the Father, and how much He loved her.  The teacher was soon overcome with tears and Ron asked the children if they could “see” that she felt blessed.  They all could see this.   Ron then spoke a blessing over the children, telling them of God’s love for them and how we just celebrated that with Easter.  Following the blessing, Everland asked Ron to feed the rest of the cake to the children.  He cut up each piece, and then placed the cake in each mouth.

Then little children were brought to Jesus that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them.  But Jesus said, “let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.                                   Matthew 19:13-14


Ron feeding the children cake

 Everland then proceeded to bring out more gifts for Ron.  She pulled out 2 shirts they had made for him in Eldoret.  They fit perfectly.  They had shirts made for me also, but Everland was not sure if they will send them back with Ron, so that I will have to come along next time and get them myself.

Seeing Family

     Following the trip to the orphanage Pastor Wycliffe brought Ron to his family’s home.  All of Pastor Wycliffe’s family and Everland’s family were there to celebrate Ron’s coming.  Ron looked over the back yard and saw chickens, and a goat, and then noticed Pastor Wycliffe’s mother cooking chicken broth.  At that moment Ron was pretty overwelmed by the fact that they would sacrifice one of their chickens for his coming.  Pastor Wycliffe’s father showed Ron the bricks he was making that would be the beginning of another building to house orphans and where that building would be.  He showed Ron his garden that would help feed the family and the orphans, and once again Ron felt so blessed to be sharing this time with them.  Upon leaving, the family asked Ron to speak a blessing over their home.  Ron spoke of the “father’s vision”  being passed down to the son (Pastor Wycliffe) and how God was so blessed by their humble hearts that desire to see  the nation of Kenya changed by the supernatural power of God. 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you His peace.”                  Number 6:24-26

More from Kenya tomorrow…………

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  • Leanne Dorn:

    God is drenching us with rain and storms that won’t quit. We’ve not seen anything like it and so widespread. The wind and lightening have been amazing. It has really gotten our attention here in the midwest. People joke that we should build an ark. The ark is already here in Jesus Christ. In the natural we want the rain to quit, but in the Spirit it is a call to pray and praise God. Let us prophecy into the River of God for Holy Spirit flood stage to break up heart blockages, cleansing & restoration. Call for His Glory to split the darkness and blaze on us and make all things new. O Lord, hear the cry of your people here, in Kenya and in all Nations. Set our hearts in Yours in the mighty name of Jesus and make us one. Lovingly, Leanne

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