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2010 Word: TD Jakes

Pastor TD Jakes rarely makes New Years’ predictions… but has prophesied that 2010 will be a year of double portion:

 ”Whenever God pulls back a bow, the arrow is going to go further than it’s ever gone before. I believe that the turning point is going to be 2010.”

Although pastor T.D. Jakes usually doesn’t make New Years’ declarations, he has said in a recent video message the he expects 2010 to be a year of double portion.

The Bible is not mystical about loss. It’s just the modern day teachers that we have today that led us down the wrong path to thinking that there would be no challenges,” he noted. “The Bible has always been clear that there would be losses. But He promised to restore the years [of] cankerworms.”

 As reported in The Christian Post, the pastor of the Potter’s House alluded to a Biblical passage in the Old Testament book of Joel, calling 2009 a year when cankerworms, palmerworms and locusts ate into people’s resources, retirements and homes. But just as Joel prophesied in the Bible, Jakes reportedly believes God will restore in the new year what was taken away.

 ”When you look at 2010, I believe it is time for us … to look at the fact that we have been through enough things, been through enough turmoil that now we’re ready to move to the next level,”… noting that 20 is 10 carried into a double dimension.

 ”I believe because we have crossed this Jordan like Elijah and Elisha that we are now eligible to step into a double portion. Financially, yes. We need it; our country needs it; our world needs it. But beyond that, wisdom, inspiration, a new development of faith; I believe new ministries are going to burst wide open.”

 There is a caveat, however.

 ”If no strategy is in place to propel yourself forward,” he said, “you won’t be prepared to move forward to the next dimension. If you’re planning to use all the struggle of 2009 to propel you for 2010, I believe you will be blessed.”


Goin' Swimmin'

Girls with gogles are cool!




Some people are part of something bigger than themselves.

They have committed to something or followed somebody who had an enormous dream. Its in us to commit our emotion to the big dream, because of the adventure. As the adrineline begins to explode, we take little thought to the risk of time and talent… its passion for a cause.

 To entertain a dream; simply because it sounds good, can leave us broken when it costs too much or feels too uncomfortable to those we love. The problem when a dream like this comes up is that some people commit to following because of the leader’s charisma or it just feels so significant.

 Could we actually change the world?

 The hype or passion of an important cause; like injustice for example, can swoop us up by stirring our sympathy. I hear folks say “oh but this is such an important issue” when we may not be spiritually or emotionally ready to do anything.

 Perhaps the greatest dream ever thought through was in the mind of God… the Dream of Redemption.

 As He considered the dream it was His passion that moved His hands… God so loved the world that He chose to send His only Son (Jn 3:16). Jesus said we must count the cost (Lk 14:28) to see if we truly have the heart to make the changes required to truly follow the dream. His admonition was that we should each “pick up our cross” (Mt 16:24-25) and follow Him… follow the One with the dream.

 I want to shed some light on an issue here that must not be overlooked as we connect to the heart of God… for the dreams of God. Loving one another takes courage and it costs more than any of us often calculate. When feelings get hurt or words strain our fellowship there are times of re-evaluation.

 Do we really have the ability; the courage to love that person?

 I believe feelings (both good and bad) are some of the most important measurements of our commitment to love others… yes they are fickle but they help us calibrate our perspective on God’s dream. We might not ask the question, but we can feel our emotional discomfort when a dream becomes bigger than our character can carry. That’s when we give up or press into the Holy Spirit for character transformation.

 I heard a friend say “God will sometimes offend your mind to reveal your heart” and I see this principle so often in my life.

 As a forerunner in a ministry that is always aiming to be on the cutting edge, I see feelings get hurt often… both mine and those who follow the dream God has planted in our hearts. Feelings must get hurt to cause the re-adjustments that deepen our commitment levels and bring the dreams of God’s heart into proper perspective.

Confessing Sin




Confessing our sin to God is an expression of faith and an act of obedience. Its the maintenance work for our spiritual infrastructure. It results in that supernatural freeway we call forgiveness… the mercy of Heaven in exchange for the broken-ness of Earth.

God wants us to daily experience what He has already done for us through the death of His Son on the cross.

 This real and ongoing experience of God’s forgiveness helps you remain an open pathway through which God’s grace and power can travel freely. Unconfessed sin short-circuits the flow of God’s power in our lives.

 Let me illustrate: One day several years ago, as I was operating the controls of my son’s electric race car set, it suddenly stopped running. I could not figure out what was wrong. I took the track apart, and put it back together. I pushed the plug in and out of the socket; nothing happened. Then I discovered that a little piece of metal – a “No Left Turn” sign – had fallen across the tracks, short-circuiting all the electrical power.

 To maintain a victorious Christian life we must keep short accounts with God… we must confess any sin that enters our life the moment God’s Holy Spirit reveals it to us. If we refuse to confess our sin, we adjust to walking in darkness instead of in the light of God’s love and freedom. This causes enormous problems that remain hidden like that simple “No Left Turn” sign.

Through confessing sin we are giving our Heavenly Father an opportunity to lift the weight of shame as well as clarify the pathway for spiritual power.

That enables us to overcome the next time… its the “stumbling block into stepping stones” transformation we are all looking for in life. It also clears the track for blessings to pass freely through our lives.


Please come out and talk

Hiding is not safer

If we are going to move in the supernatural we must pursue intimacy with God.

This means being close to God, letting God touch our hearts, and learning to touch the heart of God. It means listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and obeying them.

 The Bible is full of exhortations about intimacy… hearing and knowing the voice of God, hearkening unto Him, praying without ceasing, abiding in Jesus and being full of the Holy Spirit. It is God’s delight to see us with joy in our hearts and the praises of God continually upon our lips, because we have a real sense of His closeness.

 Somewhere along my journey I heard somebody speak about intimacy who said that the best way to define it is to say it slowly – “in-to-me-see”… letting God or others have access to see into your life. This might seem intrusive to carnal Christians who still love the world. There are great benefits and pleasures in God which far surpass the feelings of guilt and shame most people experience in trying to hide from Him. There is greater joy, deeper wonder, and richer pleasure available to the one who will pursue God, and become intimate with Him.

 This intimacy is the true meaning of the phrase “knowing” God.

 We must pursue direct contact with Him. Its not enough to read a report of what He has done or know about Him. God wants us to know Him as a friend and confidant. How does this concept of intimacy with God begin?

 One of the major keys to intimacy is self-disclosure.

 In any intimate marriage, a man and a woman disclose everything about themselves to their partner. Likewise, in our relationship with God, we must expose our hearts to God. It means telling the Lord our hopes, dreams, fears and our sins. God will wash away our sins if we confess them to Him in the light of His presence. The more we open our heart to God in prayer… the more He will begin to open His heart to us.

 ”The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him and He will show them His covenant” (Ps 25:14).

God has secrets to share with us, but we will only hear them if we walk with Him… respect Him, and seek to please Him on a day by day basis. Holding onto wrong things after God has spoken, will limit our intimacy.

 Today is a new day for the people of God as all across the world we are starting to discover that God loves us, enjoys our fellowship and has wonderful promises to release into our lives. His love and the fellowship we can experience when we walk in intimacy, bring us into the spiritual realm where we become aware of His thoughts toward us.

 Jesus consistently told us about the “one-ness” He shared with the Father and how that deep intimacy would bring fullness of joy to all who experienced it. It was a refreshing resource that He drank from often. That same pool of living water is available to us through the Holy Spirit for our need and the needs we see around us.

Just Like Jesus

Give me your best smile

Looking mighty sweet

I often hear well meaning Christians say, “I want to be like Jesus”… although I would agree, I also believe most do not truly know what that would look like for themselves. I think lots of us have a vague understanding of the character of Jesus, His ministry and His life focus.

 What is the legacy of Jesus… why did He minister the way He did and is it a real goal to be like Him?

 Since Jesus came to Earth as the Son of God, and God is love, you can say that Jesus was consistently focused out of His love for His Heavenly Father and compassion for humanity. Jesus was patient, kind, and humble. He was not envious, boastful or proud. He was not rude or self-seeking or easily angered. He kept no record of wrongs. He did not delight in evil but rejoiced with the Truth. He always protected, always trusted, always hoped, and always persevered (1 Cor 13:4-7).

 Since Jesus released an exact copy of Himself (the Holy Spirit) to dwell inside of us; once you received His gift of salvation, you can say that you are all of those things as well. As a “new creature” in God the life of Christ released by the Holy Spirit can become your life.

 You might wonder why you still get jealous… or why are you still envious, boastful or proud? That’s because we are not yet fully perfected. The writer of Hebrews says “let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Heb 12:1-2).

  •  Jesus is our beginning and our end… it is not unrealistic to want to be like Him; yet could I propose the most accurate goal is to become who you were meant to be.

 We start with Him when we are saved… He is our focus just like the Father was Jesus’ focus. He takes us through the changes we need because we have a proper focus and a platform of love. We might still struggle with the habits of our “old” self but we need to believe the truth that we are “new creatures” (2 Cor 5:17). It may not manifest instantly in our lives; nevertheless it is the truth that needs to become our identity.

 Having Jesus as our Savior sets us free to be who God designed us to be!

  •  God made each one of us as individuals.

 “For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Ps 139:13-14).

  • He has a plan and purpose for each one of us:

 “I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11).

 Our life’s plan and purpose is individually unique, because of how God created us. We can be certain of one fact; you and I were designed to glorify God as our Father… just like Jesus.


All contributions are welcome and deeply appreciated.

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