2010 Word: TD Jakes

Pastor TD Jakes rarely makes New Years’ predictions… but has prophesied that 2010 will be a year of double portion:

 ”Whenever God pulls back a bow, the arrow is going to go further than it’s ever gone before. I believe that the turning point is going to be 2010.”

Although pastor T.D. Jakes usually doesn’t make New Years’ declarations, he has said in a recent video message the he expects 2010 to be a year of double portion.

The Bible is not mystical about loss. It’s just the modern day teachers that we have today that led us down the wrong path to thinking that there would be no challenges,” he noted. “The Bible has always been clear that there would be losses. But He promised to restore the years [of] cankerworms.”

 As reported in The Christian Post, the pastor of the Potter’s House alluded to a Biblical passage in the Old Testament book of Joel, calling 2009 a year when cankerworms, palmerworms and locusts ate into people’s resources, retirements and homes. But just as Joel prophesied in the Bible, Jakes reportedly believes God will restore in the new year what was taken away.

 ”When you look at 2010, I believe it is time for us … to look at the fact that we have been through enough things, been through enough turmoil that now we’re ready to move to the next level,”… noting that 20 is 10 carried into a double dimension.

 ”I believe because we have crossed this Jordan like Elijah and Elisha that we are now eligible to step into a double portion. Financially, yes. We need it; our country needs it; our world needs it. But beyond that, wisdom, inspiration, a new development of faith; I believe new ministries are going to burst wide open.”

 There is a caveat, however.

 ”If no strategy is in place to propel yourself forward,” he said, “you won’t be prepared to move forward to the next dimension. If you’re planning to use all the struggle of 2009 to propel you for 2010, I believe you will be blessed.”

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