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Last Night of Crusades in Webuye

Seeing “Right”

   The morning session today had to do with being pruned.  That as Pastors, there will be times when you are hurt, but in the midst of that you need to see correctly in order to heal.  That there are times when God prunes us in order for us to be more fruitful, but the only way for that to happen is to get in the glory, and be saturated with His love. which will then produce more fruit.  That being fruitful needs to be a “root” focus not a ‘fruit” focus.  The glory came strong and many were at the altar letting God heal their hearts.

Seeing More

Pastors receiving their certificates

 Following the last session, Pastor Wycliffe and Ron had “Certificates of Achievement” made so that each leader who attended would receive one.  A few Pastors had to leave early in order to make it back to their home towns for Sunday services.  One Pastor from Uganda begged Ron to come back and go to his church.  He told Ron that they meet under a tree, but that the country of  Uganda needed God’s glory also.  This spread the vision of other Pastors to pray and ask God to bring his Glory to other countries in Africa.    Pastor Wycliffe told Ron when he returns again they will go to Uganda, and Tanzania and visit the Pastors there.  The local Pastors asked Ron if they could build him a home, so that the next time he came, he would be able  stay longer than a couple of weeks.  Their love is so overwhelming.

Seeing Love

   Once again it rained all day until 6pm and then stopped for the crusade meeting.  Ron was being driven to the meeting site when the car stopped.  Ron’s thought was, “Uhoh what’s wrong with the car?”  Then over 50 jumped out of the woods along side of the road and ran in front of the car waving palm branches and dancing.  When they arrived at the crusade meeting place, Ron was so excited, all he could do was Dance!  once the children saw this they all began to dance with him, and you guessed it!!  The place broke out in dancing even before the meeting began. There were another couple of hundred people more than the night before, and the place was packed full!  All the streets were full, shop fronts were full, and the field was full of people dancing and praising God.!   They danced for about an hour.  Ron then shared the story of Philip and Samaria and how there was Great Joy in that City.  Once again they danced!  Ron then asked if anyone needed Jesus who would bring them this great joy.  Over 200 people came forward.  They danced again!! Ron could not keep himself from touching all the children and blessing them, and telling them how beautiful they were.   After half an hour Ron was resting beside the platform and 2 ladies with sick babies came for him to pray for healing, one the ladies also brought her mother-in-law who was sicke to be prayed for also.  This led to more dancing until it was time to go home.  Ron’s comment was “The conference was over-the-top fabulous!”

Crusade  Stats:                                                                                                          600 people saved, 6 healed,  l delivered……priceless!

   Ron will be ministering in Pastor Wycliffe’s church on Sunday, resting on Monday, and then going up to Mt. Elgon to meet with Pastors there.


Great Joy

Seeing The Heavens Open

“And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven”  Matthew 16:19a

   This morning Ron spoke to the leaders about “Keys”. 

keys to unlocking gates

Ron explained that once God opens the Heavens, there are doors and gates that provide Kingdom influence. There will be “arguments” that Satan has set up to keep you from moving forward.  One example he gave was unforgiveness.  That forgiving someone opens up many doors, but there will be arguments in your mind as to why that person doesn’t deserve forgiveness.  So once you go through a door God has opened, be very aware of the arguments, the enemy will set up.

   There was an awesome time of worship in the morning where people could “see” the Heavens open. Many went up to the altar weeping and receiving healing for their hearts. Ron then asked for testimonies. He asked for pastors to testify as to what they saw in the spiritual realm. One Pastor got up and said that he saw Heaven shaking things all over the earth.

“Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverance and godly fear.  For our God is a consuming fire.”   Hebrews 12:28

   One pastor called Ron “the man who brings rain’ in Swahili (wafula).  This is because the rainy season was supposed to be over, and there was not near enough rain for their crops, so it was looking like there would be a drought this season.  The day Ron arrived in Webuye it began to rain.  The interesting thing is that it only rains during the morning, and afternoon, and stops for the evening crusades.  As soon as everyone is packed up and leaving, the rain comes again!!  Thank you Lord for the “former and the latter rain”.

   The evening meeting brought in another 400 people, so there were about 400 crowded around the small platform, and 800 along the shops and toward the back of the meeting place.  That’s because the front has a lot of mud due to all the rain!!  Ron spoke of God’s desire to set them completely free.  That Jesus came to break off our chains, and any other bondage that the enemy has put on us.  He spoke of Paul and Silas and how praise gets God’s ear and He loves to inhabit it.  Ron then called up the musicians and told everyone “it’s times to dance, and give God something to inhabit”.   The children immediately began to dance and then dancing broke out everywhere.  Ron then quieted everyone down and began call people forward to receive the joy that only Jesus can bring.  At least 150 people ran forward to receive Christ.  After that they all began to dance again!!

   I’m closing this with a few words from Pastor Allan Mugoha.  He is a Pastor from Eldoret, Kenya and Ron will be joining him for a Pastors conference in Eldoret with crusades in the evening next Friday and Saturday.

We are blessed to have this man of God with us here in Africa, things are happening and we give God all the glory, we received him well, the meetings are going on in Webuye. I believe it is God who connected us together for the better of His glory and kingdom. He is a humble servant of God, who loves the Lord and His Word, he is preaching under divine authority and guiding of the holy spirit and that is what I love most. We are here to continue lifting him in our prayers that the Lord to continue give him more and more for us here. Mum, thanks and God bless.

Increasing Glory

Seeing Healing

    On day 2 of the Pastors conference, the 1st session of the day Ron spoke on “Getting your needs met in the Glory”.    He told them that only through the power of the Holy Spirit and being thoroughly filled by Him can we truly get our needs met. 

Ron eating lunch with the Pastors

  Ron’s greatest desire was to spend quality time with the Pastors and meet with them a few at once, or one on one.  His goal was to do this during  lunch time.  Yesterday he opened that up and not many Pastors took him up on it.  Today they realized he really did want to meet them, get to know their hearts, and love them through whatever they were going through.  Ron said several spoke with him during lunch about issues of purity, holiness, and morality.  Ron wept with them, and prayed with them for the Holy Spirit to meet all of their needs and heal their hurts. 

Seeing Multiplication

     By the time the 4th session began, the small building (the size of a 4 car garage) was filled to capacity with over 200 people.  Word had gotten out, and by the end of the day there were more than just Pastors being ministered to.  People from all ages were crowded in the standing room only building (with no bathrooms, or indoor plumbing) hungry for whatever Word God would give them. The children would sit on the floor for hours and listen.   And God showed up!!!! 

   Once again it rained all day, so at the end of the 4th session the people again prayed for the rain to stop for the crusade meeting in the evening.

Open Heaven

  They watched as the sky opened up and light began shining through.  Ron said, “Do you want to see an Open Heaven?  Look up here it is, prophecy into this Open Heaven what your needs are”.  The people began praying, shouting, and praising God for hearing their voice, and answering their prayers.  This was the beginning of the Glory showing up, and it stayed for the evening crusade.

Seeing Miracles!!

   Again, at least 1000 people or more showed up, 50-75%  were children.  They came out of the shop buildings, from the side streets, and sat, in the mud to hear the Word of the Lord for that day.  Ron’s message was “He Knows Your Name”.  He told them how much God loved them and how He knew them before they were born.  That God not only knew their names,  but He loved them, and He didn’t just love them,  He liked them.  Ron asked who wanted to “know the God who knows your name” come forward Now!  Over 200 people ran to the stage area weeping and crying and giving their hearts to God.  Following that Ron called out for “anyone needing healing”, and 4 people ran foward and were healed immediately.  Next they brought forward someone who had been tormented by demons for years.  They were instantly delivered!  After that Ron called out, “I think we need to celebrate, Let’s Dance!!”  So, the Mazunga (white man) who can’t dance, led them in the dance!!!  The dance began with the 200 in the front (mostly children ages 7-teens) and soon it went  everywhere, along the streets, on the sidewalks, through the courtyard until Ron jumped off the stage and began placing his hands on the crowd of children up front and saying, “I Bless you, I Bless you, I Bless you” over each one.   Then he ran further through the crowd proclaiming blessings on the rest of the people.  He stopped for a moment and looked up and realized the children had formed a line, for the blessing.  That they would each come up to be blessed, and as he watched them leave, they would run to the back of the line to be blessed again!!!  This was just day 2!!

 And the Lord said to Moses, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.” Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”      Exodus 33: 17-18

Day 1 of Crusades in Kenya

Seeing Honor   

     Ron was picked up this morning by Pastor Wycliffe and his driver.   As they were driving down the road Ron noticed that there were about 10 motorcycles in front of their car, 2 by 2, and they had flags on them and they were waving  palm branches and honking.  Ron commented on them to Pastor Wycliffe and how it was almost like a parade.  Pastor Wycliffe replied, “It is a parade for you.  To celebrate the “man of God” coming to our town.”  Because of the honking, people were coming out of the shops and homes to see what was going on.  Then they would look in the car and see the mazunga (the white man) and they would all wave.  A great way to start the 1st day of the crusades.

Seeing Restoration

   Ron and Pastor Wycliffe arrived at the building the Pastors were meeting at for the day, and the next 3 days. 

Ron praying for Pastors and Leaders

 There were around 50 Pastors or so.  Some from Uganda,  some from Mt. Elgon, some from Eldoret, and the rest from Webuye.  Ron had 4 sessions with the Pastors today.  Ron’s first session of the day dealt with “Orphanhood”.  Ron shared his own testimony of being orphaned as a child and going through the foster care system until the Bateman’s adopted him at the age of 9.  Many Pastors grew up orphans and could relate to what Ron was sharing.  Ron brought the healing message of the Father’s love for them.  Many shared testimonies later of God healing hurts in their hearts. 

That God is a “Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows”, and that “He places the lonely in families” Psalm 68:5-6

   Ron also shared about the Glory, and how money is not really the point.  That we receive all we have need of in His glory, and finding His glory and discovering what that looks like will bring what we need.

“My God shall supply all you need accord to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus”    Phillipians 4:18

Seeing Salvation

   The evening service began at 5 pm Kenyan time.  It was raining the entire day, and although the Pastors were excited for the rain, it would need to stop for the outdoor evening service.  The Pastors prayed together, and the rain stopped!

"Raise your hand if you want Jesus!!"

  The outdoor venue was in a courtyard in the city with shops on either side.  By the time Ron began preaching a crowd of over 1,000 people came out to listen.  Ron described it as 6 tiers of people with probably 200 people/tier.  He said probably half of them were children, and they loved listening.  He said they would come close and even stand in the mud to drink in every word spoken. 

The altar call at the end of the service brought 50-70 people accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior!! and an older man healed of  a stomach ailment he had suffered with for many years.  Yeah God!!

Day 2 of Crusades coming tomorrow……

1st Day in Webuye

   Today was Ron’s 1st day in Webuye, Kenya – Africa! 

Seeing it Happen

     Several weeks ago Ron sent Pastor Wycliffe an e-mail about a storm coming (check out Seeing Prophetically“), and up until Saturday there were no storms that matched what Ron had talked about. 

Seeing the Storm

 Saturday, while Ron was waiting in Chicago, Pastor Wycliffe called Ron.  Ron asked Pastor Wycliffe if there had been a storm yet, and Pastor Wycliffe answered that there had not been a storm like Ron had described.  Saturday night (the night before Easter) a storm arrived, just as Ron had prophesied, 40-60 mph winds, lightning hitting the ground.  Pastor Wycliffe went out into the storm and prophesied!

Seeing the Orphans

    First thing this morning Pastor Wycliffe took Ron to the orphanage in Webuye. Pastor Wycliffe’s wife Everland greeted Ron with a purple lei which she placed around his neck and then had the children greet Ron.  They each had memory verses, songs, and things to share.  There were around 80 children there to greet Ron.  They had purchased 2 hearts shaped cakes and had “Happy Easter” put on them. 

Ron being fed cake

 The children wanted to feed Ron, so one of the little girls “helped” Ron cut the cake.  Then she fed him the cake to honor him. Everland asked Ron to feed the children, but first asked if he would bless them.  Ron asked one of the teachers to come forward.  He wanted to show the children what a blessing” looked like”.  Ron then spoke over this teacher how special she was to the Father, and how much He loved her.  The teacher was soon overcome with tears and Ron asked the children if they could “see” that she felt blessed.  They all could see this.   Ron then spoke a blessing over the children, telling them of God’s love for them and how we just celebrated that with Easter.  Following the blessing, Everland asked Ron to feed the rest of the cake to the children.  He cut up each piece, and then placed the cake in each mouth.

Then little children were brought to Jesus that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them.  But Jesus said, “let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.                                   Matthew 19:13-14


Ron feeding the children cake

 Everland then proceeded to bring out more gifts for Ron.  She pulled out 2 shirts they had made for him in Eldoret.  They fit perfectly.  They had shirts made for me also, but Everland was not sure if they will send them back with Ron, so that I will have to come along next time and get them myself.

Seeing Family

     Following the trip to the orphanage Pastor Wycliffe brought Ron to his family’s home.  All of Pastor Wycliffe’s family and Everland’s family were there to celebrate Ron’s coming.  Ron looked over the back yard and saw chickens, and a goat, and then noticed Pastor Wycliffe’s mother cooking chicken broth.  At that moment Ron was pretty overwelmed by the fact that they would sacrifice one of their chickens for his coming.  Pastor Wycliffe’s father showed Ron the bricks he was making that would be the beginning of another building to house orphans and where that building would be.  He showed Ron his garden that would help feed the family and the orphans, and once again Ron felt so blessed to be sharing this time with them.  Upon leaving, the family asked Ron to speak a blessing over their home.  Ron spoke of the “father’s vision”  being passed down to the son (Pastor Wycliffe) and how God was so blessed by their humble hearts that desire to see  the nation of Kenya changed by the supernatural power of God. 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you His peace.”                  Number 6:24-26

More from Kenya tomorrow…………


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