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The Journey Continues with Praise!!

   Like most events in Africa thing don’t always work out according to our schedule.   Due to a few vehicle issues, the crew left Eldoret, Kenya rather late, so when they arrived in Webuye at 8 p.m., Kenya time,  Ron recommended they stop overnight and leave at a good time the next morning. 

   After a good night sleep the crew began the trek across the rest of Kenya into Uganda.  Upon arriving in Uganda there was quite a bit of paperwork to enter the country.  So, after filling out the proper forms for a new visa, getting the correct paperwork on their vehicle, they were finally entering Uganda.

   There were still a few hours before arriving at their destination, so Ron asked if they would just sing and worship.  Rose would begin the singing with all of the Kenyan Pastors joining in, some Swahili, some English, but all beautiful. 

 The songs of Praise and Worship would weave in and out of one another with harmonies blending and becoming One voice of Praise.

Pastor Wanyama's church meets under a tree, a real "Open Heaven"

The crew entered Pastor Francis Wanyama’s place of worship.  A field!  Pastor Francis had found a tarp for the floor, and a canvas-awning as a covering and the Pastor/Leader conference in Uganda Began!!  

    The conference began a little late, but that gave all of the Pastor/Leader and others a chance to show up, and show up they did.  There was an estimated 160-200 Pastors, and 150-200 people joining them.  The message on the Glory devoured by all who attended.

A Deep Hunger begins the process of being Filled

   The second session Ron began to share how to be healed of an orphan heart .  As Ron spoke of our Heavenly Father’s love and how that love heals an orphan heart.   People began to weep throughout the crowd.  Ron gave an altar call for those who needed healing of an orphan heart and the entire crowd ran forward.  Ron laid hands on each of them and prayed for over 2 1/2 hours.  The last hour a storm blew in.  There were strong winds, hail, lightning, and rain.  The rain began to pour and blow in around the canvas rooftop covering to the point that all were soaked, but no one was leaving.  No one wanted to leave before God was finished. 

 There were people on their knees on the rain soaked tarp praying and weeping. 

  Their hunger for a touch from God was a real thing.  So real they were willing to kneel in the rain, so real they were willing to have lightning strike near them, and hail fall around them. 

 So real they were not willing to leave until the very deep places in their heart were filled.

 I shared this with a friend who began to weep and say, “we are so fat!”

  God I want to be that hungry for You!

Blessed (empowered to prosper) are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, THEY SHALL BE FILLED!”

What a Soccer ball can do!

   On Saturday, September 24, 2011, I sent this notice to family and friends about Ron’s arrival in Kenya and the testimonies already beginning.

There are so many testimonies and here is the 1st: Ron was planning on just bringing 2 soccer balls, deflated, with hand pumps for the orphanage in Webuye, and the one in Eldoret. Since then Pastor Betty from Uganda has been included in Ron’s schedule along with 3 more orphanages. We did not say anything to anyone about there being 3 more orphanges needing soccer balls, but someone from our homeschool coop emailed Ron with the information that there were 4 more soccer balls available to bring to Kenya. So each orphanage gets one, and there is still one extra. We’ll see where that one lands ;-) ;-).

The Soccer Ball Lands  

    On Sunday after services,  Pastor Chris and Pastor Hesborne were taking Ron back to his hotel and Ron metioned that he had soccer balls for the orphanages that Ron would be visiting on this trip to Kenya.  Pastor Hesborne asked Ron if he would be able to have one to play with the young children there in the slums near the church.  Ron told Pastor Hesborne he would need to pray about that because the balls were set aside for orphanages.  Last night the Lord told Ron that he needed to give the extra soccer ball to Pastor Hesborne.  So, this morning Ron arrived with the inflated soccer ball and handed it to Pastor Hesborne.

   Following the meetings there was a time of testimony and Pastor Hesborne brought the soccer ball up to the front and began sharing “his story”.

Pastor Hesborne's church "waiting" for it's new roof, and the tent where meetings have been held.

    As a young boy Pastor Hesborne grew up in the same area that he ministered, the slums.  He shared how he and a group of children had fashioned a soccer ball out of sacks and were playing soccer.  Out of the corner on their eyes they saw a man with a real soccer ball.  They continued to play soccer and would occasionally glance at this man with a real soccer ball.  Eventually the man came over and asked if the children would like to play with his soccer ball.  They eagerly agreed and began playing with the “real thing”.  After a while the man called them over and began to share the love of  Jesus, and led all of those children to salvation through Jesus Christ.  This man then asked if  Hesborne would like to keep the soccer ball.  Young Hesborne empahtically stated “yes”!  The man told Hesborne that he could keep the ball if he would “captain” this team and bring them to his church every Sunday to learn more and more of Jesus.  Hesborne honored his vow and not only brought those children to church, but grew and was discipled to become a Pastor in the same region under this man.  This is why the soccer ball was so important to Pastor Hesborne.  He shared with the group that he has only received 2 soccer balls in his lifetime.  One at his salvation, and one when the Glory was poured out.

    The man who gave Pastor Hesborne the first soccer ball was at this meeting and confirmed Pastor Hesborne’s story.  Pastor Hesborne stood at the end of the meeting between 2 men who had touched his life with Jesus, the Glory, and soccer balls.

    It’s amazing what 2 soccer balls and listening to the Lord can do!

The Journey begins with the Testimony

   As Ron arrived in Eldoret, Kenya, with a plane full of dignitaries attending a National Soccer tournament, the favor of God was obvious.  Ron had 10-15 Pastors as a welcoming committee, and the dignitaries had 0 as a welcoming committee:-)

   As this group of Pastors drove Ron to the tent where they would be meeting, the Pastors gladly shared testimonies of what had happened since Ron was last there in May.  Pastor Allan share of a woman healed of a large tumor in her stomach after Ron had prayed for her!  Pastor Hesborne testified to the need for a new building after having the messages imparted to him in May and sharing them with his congregation, and Pastor Chris Barassa share how someone had blessed him financially and he used that money to purchase the tent and chairs for the upcoming meetings.

  On Sunday morning Ron did 2 sessions with a few Pastors that had traveled in for the messages and Pastor Heborne’s congregation and then in the afternoon there were around 90 Pastors from Kenya, the Congo, Ruwanda, and Uganda that arrived for the afternoon sessions.  Again the messages were focused on getting your needs met in the Glory. 

   After one of the sessions Pastor Chris Barassa stood and asked the Pastors where their Bibles were.  Pastor Chris looked at each Pastor that was without a Bible and asked them again where their Bibles were. 

 Many Pastors humbly informed Pastor Chris that they did not have a Bible. 

   At this point Pastor Chris asked all the Pastors without Bibles to raise their hands and then informed them that someone had blessed him with Bibles and he would bring enough Bibles on Monday, September 26, to supply each Pastor with one.

   Here is a testimony of today’s sessions in the words of Lukas Maina…..

Ron blessing the Pastors in Eldoret

   This is one of the most dynamic,powerful international ministry ever experienced in our neighborhood,,,Ron have brought a great breakthrough to one of the simplest pastor in the slums!!as you may see the said pastor church had no roof! before he used to worship in the rains!!but now there is a tent of worship and more shortly there will be roof as i was told…any way i enjoy and pray for such pastors with a heart for the poor!!and move in African continent,, particularly Kenya ,encouraging the pastors,,and building churches,,,to Ron ministry does not mean holding conference in 3 stars hotels!!!but going to inner parts of slums and reaching out to the pastors and slum dwellers with Christ love!!!to me this was Christ ministry and Jesus vision praise the lord………………….
   The following is a link to pictures that Lukas Maina posted on Ron’s facebook account today.!/media/set/?set=a.291428067538402.91002.100000136337128&type=1  It so blessed me to see this and if you can read the comments other Pastors have  posted about today’s ministry.  Apostle Lukas Maina stated it well
 We all pray for brother Ron as he processed to kisii town and later to Uganda nation!!!Ugandans be ready for the glory of the Lord in Jesus name!!the servant of the Lord apostle Ron on the way!!!

   Amen….So Let it Be!

Renounce Poverty

You can probably make the case that the underlying cause of poverty in the world is based on governmental corruption, exploitation and the spread of diseases. Yet I would like to propose that most poverty is not tied to natural realities at all, but have even deeper spiritual causes. Its my belief that poverty has its roots deeply embedded in the soil of spiritual wickedness and deception.

Prosperity is Good News: 

Jesus gave a very real promise that we tend to overlook or explain away… He said that the Holy Spirit had anointed Him to preach “Good News” to the poor. Good news to the poor is found in the message of prosperity, blessing and abundance. Its the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus is emphasizing. Jesus was not just telling a people to hope for a better life, He was trying to get hearts engaged in the Kingdom of Heaven which is demonstrated by abundant life and sufficiency in God. Its wholeness spirit, soul and body. 

Kingdom Truth:

We must come to recognize that poverty has its hold on our world without authority from God. It is an illegal governing power over the Children of God, who are designed to live free of sin’s curse and find shelter, refuge and provision within the Father’s House. Poverty is not the will of God on any level and we, as God’s people must renounce its power and break its grip. This is most evident when you watch how nations are transformed by a change in beliefs and a discovery of the true nature of God’s heart. 

From Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan:

The key factor – and the most neglected – in understanding India’s hunger problem is how its belief system affects food production. Most people know of the “sacred cows” that roam free, eating tons of grain while nearby people starve. But a lesser-known and more sinister culprit is another animal protected by religious belief – the rat.

According to those who believe in reincarnation, the rat must be protected as a likely recipient for a reincarnated soul… Large scale efforts of extermination have been thwarted by religious outcry.

Rats eat or spoil 20% of India’s food grain every year. A recent survey in the wheat-growing district of Hapur in North India revealed an average of 10 rats per house.

…the 20% loss from rats amounts to 26.8 million metric tons… [imagine] a train of boxcars carrying that amount of grain. With each car holding about 82 metric tons, the train would contain 327,000 cars and stretch for 3,097 miles… longer than the distance between New York and Los Angeles…

Thousands of lives and billions of dollars go into social programs, education, and medical and relief efforts… Yet the problems of hunger, population and poverty continue to grow. The real culprit is not a person, lack of natural resources or a system of government. It’s spiritual darkness.

This does not mean we ignore the material needs of billions of people in this world who live on the edge of starvation. It’s important to provide food and other relief. But it’s even more important to recognize that focusing primarily on physical needs is not going to end poverty. Helping people to end their spiritual poverty by introducing them to the true God who gives grace, hope and wisdom through Jesus is most important.

Begin with Yourself!

Think about what you believe right now… then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where you have allowed poverty mindsets to cloud your perception of reality. Ask your Father to speak to you and anoint you to carry Good News to the poor, to be a blessing wherever you go and to release the overflowing abundance of a wealthy heart. You might have to begin by renouncing the ways of poverty.

Its All Useful

There’s nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another – showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us. (2 Tim 3:15-17) The Message

Its all useful for training us to live God’s way!

The Bible is not just a book of commandments, it is “in-struction”. Its the kind of stuff that builds internal structure that allows mobility and strength of character. I have read the Bible for lots of reasons, yet no reason so grabs my imagination like the knowledge that every time I look into God’s Word I am seeing Christ formed inside of me.

This is the goal:

That Christ would be formed inside of us, release power inside of us and increase strength inside of our spiritual man… that’s the goal. Our faith is built from the inside and demonstrated by what we do or how we live on the outside. That visible stuff people see on the outside, is simply the evidence that God’s Word is at work on the inside of us. God said He would watch over His Words to perform them (Jer 1:12)… and He does!


The Beloved Disciple, John said that if we abide in His words and His words abide in us, we would bear much fruit. He even went so far as to say that in this the Father is glorified, that we bear much fruit (Jn 15:7-8). Fruitfulness is our gift, our offering to God flowing from a life lived digesting the words that He has spoken and written upon our hearts.

Reading is Spiritual: 

While reading is our way of processing the language, it does more than just fill our mind. It actually releases our believing capacity and we begin to hope and trust in the God of His Word. Knowing the God of the Word is essential to our faith and actually becomes a natural response in our living. ”Faith comes by hearing… the Word of God” (Rom 10:17).

The reason why this happens is because of the Glory that God has placed upon His Word. Jesus was the Word made flesh and He was the very Glory of the Father; therefore as we look into the Word of God, Glory is manifesting God’s will and nature in us. “Christ in you is the hope of Glory” said the Apostle Paul (Col 1:27). Its a Glory that brings us into His very Presence and allows the words to actually begin to judge the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb 4:12). The end result is transformation inside.

Powerful Results:

Its all useful for direction and correction. I have experienced so many times the power of God’s Word transforming the way I see, feel and move in life. As I become more equipped in my knowledge of the Word of God, I find more character and more power to live the abundant life God has destined for us all.