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Update Kisii

Email & Phone Communication received 10-25-2012:

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Kisii, Southwest Kenya

Pastor Opingo Preaching

     Much greetings to you in Jesus name. The grace, love and peace to you always in Jesus name. I thank God for directing me to your website which has been of great touch to my heart. I thank you for what you are doing in the Lord. I pray God to help you as you touch many souls around through your website.
     I am Pastor Opingo from Kisii, Kenya and I am a devoted man of God who is giving hope to the needy souls for spiritual word and to the needy children who are orphans. I preach every Sunday to a congregation of 64 members whereby I see God’s hand moving to His people. Many people get saved and others healed. I thank God for the work He has given me and I always pray for His strength.
     I am also caring for 14 orphans. These orphans are really in needy for prayers, food, clothes shelter. I started this project in the year 2009. The Vision of this project is to give hope to the destitute children who have no parents. I am doing a great work and I pray God to provide for them so that they can have good health.
     I really send my heartfelt invitation to you to come over here in Kenya to share and minister to us the work I am doing. Your participation will be of great change to the work here in Kenya. It is my prayer and hope that you will humbly accept my request of joining together our hands to make a change to many lifes. God bless you and hope to read from you soon.
     Pastor Opingo.


My Response by email just 20 minutes later:

Hello Pastor Opingo
It is good to hear from another brother from the region of Kisii – Kenya. I say Jambo in the Mighty Name of Jesus. God is so good to connect us. I know from what I have felt in my heart that God has His hands upon that region. If you go to you will find a post about a Pastor Andrew Morang’a and his ministry in Kisii. As I told you by phone I have a deep desire to go to this region and our prayer has been for God to raise up a group of pastors and spiritual leaders for beginning an Apostolic Training Center. I will be there in March 2013 God willing and until then we shall continue to pray and communicate with you. Send my greetings to the pastors as you meet with them. I have dissapointed some in the past because we could not reach them sooner.
3 Pastors in the region that you should meet:
George Keenga Marabu – email:
Bernard Nyakebere Mose – email:
Andrew Morang’a – email:

Blessings Pastor Ron Bateman


Excited About New God Connections!

Pastor Opingo with follow-up email…

Dear Pastor Ron,
     I am really blessed to get you online and I am spiritually moved to speak with you on phone. Thank you again for your special prayers to me and I thank God for this wonderful connection. God is really great to His people. I give glory and honor to Him for this connection. Pastor, I strongly believe that God is going to do mighty things here in Kenya as we pray and work together as a team. God has given us a great task to make Him known to all people and more so to given lost souls hope for the coming of His Kingdom. It is our high time to work for the Lord and to do according to His will. I really welcome you with my whole heart here in Kisii to minister and share with us according to His will. I pray for you and ask God to help you in all ways, to give you strength in His work.
     I pray that God will make you prepare enough teachings and sermons for the people of Kenya next year. During your coming next year I will cover you with a place to stay in my home and I will also talk to one of my friends to cover you with a car which you will use for the time you will be here in Kenya. God has really revealed this to me that you will have a wonderful time with us here in Kisii, Kenya.
     I have attached recent pictures of the church and the orphans. I hope you will be blessed to see them. It is my request to you to keep praying for the work in Kenya so that God may open His ways for us more especially to orphans. My heart always goes to them. The Bible says: ”Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from polluted by the world.” (James1:27)
     I have really devoted myself to the Lord’s work more especially to His little ones. I thank God for taking good care of you as He is using you to reach many souls around Africa. I look froward to fellowship with you here in Kenya one day. Blessings and love.
     Pastor Opingo.

Lying Spirits

“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.” (Jn. 8:44)

When a lie is removed, the enemy loses the power of persuasion! Satan cannot stand in truth, because there is no truth in him. His pursuit is to kill, because he is a murderer; to steal, because he is a thief and to destroy, because he is the father of lies. No question God’s Truth matters. In fact, truth is our foundation… we must be people who embrace the truth, speak the truth and guard the truth.

Our Spiritual Gardens:

A lie does not tell itself or grow by itself. It uses the soil of the human heart. Lies are like weeds growing in the midst of other plants in the garden, but they steal resources, drain energy and choke out good growth. Also, like weeds, a good gardener will pull them out as quickly as they are spotted. We must be like Christ and learn to discern a lie quickly, or else it will begin to rule the garden. It will try to ”father” us.


Truth has a context and that context is Christ and Scripture. Truth is reality from God’s perspective. Perhaps that is the first and easiest contrast to draw between truth and lies. No liar wants you to put things in context or dig around at the original source! Anyone can quote a Bible verse to prove their point; but the devil, the “father” of lies aims to deceive. The devil did this with Christ by pulling truth out of context (Mt. 4:1-11). Yet, fully equipped in the truth, Jesus boldly stated, “It is written!” Only the Words of Truth bring freedom from satanic lies. The Bible speaks of itself when it says, its alive and active like a two-edged sword that cuts between soul and spirit. Its a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the human heart (Heb. 4:12). The more we rely on the Word of Truth, the more clarity we have and the more confident we become.

Lies are Counterfeits:

Faith comes from hearing; lies also come from words, but not from God’s Word. Sadly, like faith, lies inspire actions. Like faith, a lie requires that you pull from a source of information. People sacrifice for faith, because they know that they are choosing well. A sacrifice for a lie is a blind and foolish choice. It might feel like a right choice at the moment, but the difference comes in the harvest. Faith reaps something good, while a lie betrays and bears a heavy price. The quicker the lie is removed, the less damage it can cause.

The Heart of the Liar:

Liars, lie because they lack a foundation for personal identity. They really do not know who they are. To lie is to pass on a false impression or hold out a false picture that others will believe to be reality. 

Dens of Iniquity:

The environment of a liar is a den of iniquity, filled with falsehood, human logic and self absorbed reasoning. Anyone that deceives another person is exchanging the truth of God for lies (Rom. 1:25). They are making agreement with darkness and releasing an atmosphere where all kinds of evil is allowed to have dominion. Those who receive liars and deceive, bring judgment upon themselves and their hearers (Rom. 1:18). Unrepentant liars have made a spiritual covenant with the devil to speak from his resources. 

Remember – a Liar is “fathered” by lies!

Clarifying a Liar’s Heart:

  1. Lies are a cover for poverty. Lies numb us from an awareness of weakness or lack (Rev. 3:17). Lies are empty bricks in the foundation. When pressure is placed upon these hollow blocks, they will crumble. Building upon lies will lead to the spiritual structure falling.
  2. Lies cost us our integrity, our character. Lies forfeit the future. You cannot go deeper with God or man by living in lies. Life in honest rlationship is a proving ground for promotion. Your future depends on your will and your success in walking in truth. Your gift may make room for you and bring you before kings (Prov. 21:6), but to stay in that room or stand on that platform requires character and integrity.
  3. Lies are built on outward appearances. Lies become all the reality liars possess. They pose and pretend, seeking approval from those of legitimate substance. Deceivers are hungry, but empty; because they cover up their lack rather than getting their needs met appropriately. Liars seek the acceptance of others like a moth to a flame. For a liar, to be in a church is to be righteous, like being in a garage makes a person a car. As silly as it sounds, appearances are the only reality the liar has, because they are the most deceived of all. Satan enters into the liars heart and takes dominion in order to destroy both the liar and those who will listen. 


It takes the anointed eyes of Christ to see it happening, as Jesus saw it happen in Judas at their final Passover Meal (Jn. 13:27-28). The Apostle John told us to test the spirits to see if they are of God, because there were lying spirits in the world set on promoting evil and infiltrating the Church (1 Jn 4:1-6). The Apostle Paul said the days are evil and there are wiles of the devil that we must stand against in these days (Eph. 6:11-13).

Repentance and Truth - Sets us Free (Jn 8:30-36):

Honesty is the beginning of recovery. Humbling oneself breaks the power of a lie. The preacher needs to get free from his own sin. The boss needs to stop robbing his employees. The husband needs to deal faithfully with his wife. Some can never stomach honesty, because they wait too long to try. We must all throw light upon lies, if they are to be removed … especially if those lies are our own (Jn. 3:19-21). We must commit ourselves to truth (Prov. 23:23).

Live in Truth!

This is a call for all followers of Christ, especially His leaders, to abandon the “father” of lies. We must thoroughly renounce and reject a lying spirit. We must handle the things of God in an open and honorable way (2 Cor. 4:2). Removing a lying lifestyle involves breaking covenant with the “father” of lies through prayer, discipline and loving the Truth.  

  1. We must love God more than outward appearances!
  2. We must fear God enough to yield our tongue to the Holy Spirit!
  3. We must hold ourselves accountable to the Truth!

“Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight.” (Prov. 12:22)

Time to Rejoice

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. (Mt 5:10)

Jesus expounds upon this point, “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Mt 5:11-12)

If you’ve experienced persecution, it’s seriously time to rejoice. God has counted you faithful and the enemy has counted you a threat.

Both Jesus and Paul prophesied that believers would face persecution. But if you respond the right way in the face of persecution, increase will come. I have read about it, I’ve witnessed it, I’ve lived and I can guarantee it. No, it’s not fun, but rejoice anyway. No, it doesn’t feel good, but you can find contentment even in the midst of the warfare.

It’s an Opportunity:

Don’t waste a good dose of persecution. Make it your servant. What Satan means for harm, God will use to promote you in His Kingdom if you keep your heart like Christ. Remember these words the next time someone speaks evil against you, harasses you or otherwise persecutes you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will see to it that vindication manifests in your life.

Taking the Posture of Praise:

Until we determine to rejoice, there will be little justice. The Bible tells us we must make “room for God’s wrath” (Rom 12:19), get out of the way and allow God’s action on your behalf. Remember God loves people and those who do evil are only the devil’s mouthpiece. There is a spirit behind these activities and God will ruin their assignment against you if you begin to praise His Name.

You are God’s Mouthpiece:

  • Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud on their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand. To execute vengeance on the nations, and punishments on the peoples. To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron. To execute on them the written judgment. This honor have all His saints. Praise the Lord! (Ps 149:5-9)

God will give you the strength you need to persevere. My friend, let that first word of praise come forth and God will turn it into a rejoicing spirit. As quickly as you shift the atmosphere of your heart, you’ve already won the battle. Just keep walking and you’ll see the victory.

The Apostle Paul exhorts us: “Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again I will say, rejoice!” (Phil 4:4)

Focus on Grace


Lukas Maina of Eldoret, Kenya

Lukas Maina is a friend who serves God in the slum region of Eldoret Kenya. He carries a heart for the Kingdom and has a word for the Church about Grace. The email below speaks of  how a tough ministry can become grace filled and strong in the midst of battle. The issues that arise within the Kenyan culture are wrestled down with more than just words. Lucas has received a powerful vision for the lost and this slum region in which he finds his calling, is shaking. I understand the warfare and obstacles he faces, because I have been there. God has ignited a fire in his life and released a prophetic destiny that has shone me a focus on grace. The amazing thing about grace is that it stirs up the religious and challenges the complacent. 

His Email: Greetings Apostle Ron

“Many souls were baptized today… over 100 people repented and gave their lives to Jesus!”

Ministry in the Fellowship

Gospel Deliverance Church

It was a big day today, full of many spiritual battles and victories! With some few people and some preachers who are saying we are taking the whole slum and baptizing all! But Praise the Lord…we only reach out in simple apostolic way. I praise the Lord today that many were baptized, in spite of bad rumors from an evil group. They are saying we are using charm to attract many to our church and baptize them. I do not fully understand; but we are marching forward, unlike many churches that are around us in the slum.“We reach people for Jesus on daily basis and we baptize all as the Lord brings them.”

To us at Gospel Deliverance Church, our mission is simply reaching all with this Good News, all the time.

We want to bring people to Jesus not to man. We are just simple men and we are making it; not by power or might, but by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. We don’t need a van for the mission. We don’t need millions of dollars. We need only the basic Truth, a willing heart, strong legs to walk in the streets and a mouth to speak out the Good News!! God will anoint His Word if we will be faithful to focus on grace!

My Final Thought!

Focus Upon the Grace of God! (Eph. 2:8-10)

Grace is power - God’s power – to become the witness God created us to be (Acts 4:33)(2 Cor. 12:9). To receive grace means to be empowered to be yourself… from God’s point of view. Grace gives us the option to choose to see from a Kingdom perspective. Let’s face it, we have been equipped and empowered to become more than we have achieved… yet grace gives us eyes to see the potential. The real hindrance is not the obsticle that stands in our way, it’s the inability to see that our steps are ordered by the Lord… grace reveals His partnership!

The River of Life

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. (Jn. 7:37-39)

Jesus said that when we drink from Him; receive His life and become filled with His Holy Spirit, rivers of living water will begin to flow out from within our lives. The River not only flows from His Presence, as wherever He went life would spring forth… His Presence flows through us. The Glory of the Lord becomes evident through us by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. From this Holy Spirit River flow salvation, peace, healing and transforming joy. The joy that comes from knowing and partaking of God Himself. It is “Christ in you, the hope of Glory” (Col. 1:27).

A glance through the New Testament and especially the book of Acts demonstrates that Jesus and His followers go preaching the Kingdom of God and healings, miracles and signs of His River begin to flow (Mt. 4:23-24)(Acts 4:29-31)(Acts 5:12-16)(Acts 8:4-8)(Acts 19:11-12).

6 Bible Facts about the River:

1. The River flowed out of the Garden of Eden: This was the place where God communed with Adam and Eve. This river separated into four headwaters, sending out life-giving waters throughout the land (Gen 2:10-14). In this way, our Father prepared a means of life to nations and people long before they even existed.

2. The Bible begins with a River and ends with a River: In the last chapter of the Bible, we read of the River of Life flowing from the Throne of God. “On each side of the River stood the Tree of Life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the Tree are for the healing of the nations.”  (Rev 22:2) Here in the final page of Scripture, we again see God’s heart for nations and people.

3. Healing is associated with the River: Ezekiel had a vision of a River with life-giving properties flowing out from the Temple, after God’s glorious Presence had returned there. Trees surrounding the river, bore fruit for food and leaves for healing. (Ezek 47)

4. The River of Life brings a Harvest: Where once there were no fish, fish abound and fishermen spread their nets for an abundant catch (Ezek 47:9-10). The harvest on God’s heart is souls… people from every tribe and tongue (Mt 4:19)(Rev 7:9).

5. The River of Life is a Source of Joy: The Psalmist says: “There is a river whose streams make glad the City of God, the Holy Place where the Most High dwells”  (Ps 46:4). “People feast on the abundance of Your House; You give them drink from Your River of Delights” (Ps 36:8).

6. The River flows from God’s Presence: Consistently, we see that the River of Life flows from the very seat of God’s Presence, the place He inhabits and reigns (Joel 3:18).