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God is still Moving

After a few years of not making any trips to Africa, Ron and I knew that this trip would be one of discovery.  The focus would be on leaders and seeing what is really on the ground for the Apostolic Training Centers.  It would also be a trip of evaluation….what it working, and what needs to be changed.

Here are a couple of testimonies from Ron’s transportation and fellow Pastor in Christ, Pastor Peter Momanyi:

Praise God, what a wonderful opportunity I have gotten to be under the apostolic training where apostle Ron is really being used by God to bring great revelations of the message of glory, I have walked with this man right away from the time he landed on the Kenyan soil, really he has changed my life….God really used him to minister to me as we drove some good kilometers from Nairobi to Kericho. In kericho he challenged a group of 60 pastors who attended the training as well as launching the training….after the training one the strong catholic leaders followed Ron to my office and asked him to lead him to salvation Glory to God! the following day we drove to kisii we had a wonderful training which attracted some pastors from Homabay at the end of kisii training in the hotel where we put up the power of the glory was still at work, the owner of the hotel who wants to contest in the general election in the month of August asked Ron to pray for him and lay his hand on him(amen). Immediately after that a man walked into the hotel selling peanuts, this man was 80% blind, after Ron prayed and laid his hands on his eyes this man walked out of that place with a miracle of seeing, what a mighty God we serve…thanks we are now in Bungoma being the first day… expecting more from God!

They traveled from Kissi to Bungoma, Kenya.  There Ron discovered the face that there were not just 5-6 Apostolic Training Centers, but actually more than 20.  The students who have been through all 3 years of training were there to hear the messages first hand and to also celebrate completion of their 3 years of training.  Several students shared testimony of how the school changed their life, their families, and now their cities…….

We just ask for MORE Lord, more for You and Your Glory Father!

Loving What Emerges

This post is from the start of the very first Apostolic Training Center…….5 years later God is still up to amazing things.

Sometimes we put our hands to work and we are very aware of the outcome… and then there is the ministry. Its the work of God’s hands! He is the Ultimate Potter, we become the clay and the emerging masterpiece is of His craftsmanship. I love it, I love watching it and being part of it.

The Quest:

There is this wonderful vulnerability where grace, tears, risk and adventure come together. Its like there are no blueprints, no plans to follow. Its just faith in God’s power at work that shapes the mission. We have a vision of where we are going, but there is no quest on earth that so yields itself to the will of another. Not just any “another” but “The Another” - God, Himself holds our attention, our heart beat and our foot prints. And somehow a ministry emerges from our efforts that brings Him pleasure, while at the same time transforms a culture. Wow, what a life changing opportunity to join God in this quest.

Mission Uganda:

In my resent journey into Uganda there was one specific goal that God seemed to be emphasizing over and over; opening the Apostolic Training Center. Our teams on the ground were set and ready to move and I have never seen such passion for God’s Word to be taught. Pastor Francis Wanyama met me at the airport with my schedule in his hand and a fire in his belly. Our driver was not about to waste time with small talk; for he was a pastor as well, already engaged in the process of mobilizing a network of laborers. I could tell this was not an ordinary day… a New Day was emerging in the hearts of these people and all I could say is, “Its just the beginning!”

Apostolic Training Center

March 2012

A Grand Opening:

My schedule was filled with conferences and teaching sessions, but the one event that stood out was the Grand Opening of our Apostolic Training Center. I arrived at about 9 am to about 125 students of all ages, hungry and waiting. Blessed and energized by what I was experiencing, we stepped into the process together… all of us knowing nothing of where God was taking us. One thing we were all in agreement upon… we would not have wanted to be anywhere else. There was a buzz in the room that assured us almost immediately that this was a New Day and that God was doing a New Thing.

The Emerging Wineskin:

For the next 4 days something wonderful began to emerge. A wineskin of sorts was beginning to take shape. It was filled with spiritual substance, Holy Spirit stuff like joy and laughter, hope and expectancy; as well as some tough questions about truth… God’s Truth. And no matter how difficult we imagined this challenge to be, God seemed to be offering a resource. He was doing something I have watched Him do time and time again, governing by peace (Isa 9:6-7).

Just the Beginning:

Now, with over 150 people carrying a dream that no man on earth will be able to sustain. All I know to do is love what emerges. It looks a lot like the vision we had in our hearts when we heard from God, but we could never have taken credit for how it felt to us. It was God’s dream first and it thrills me to have brought Him the glory!

Ministry is like that… its the work of God’s hands. When its all said and done we realize, we are His workmanship and He is shaping our hearts (Eph 2:10).

Raging from Within

Recently a reader; who shall remain nameless, sent me a request for help in what they called “their struggle to believe God”. The brokenness they felt every time they tried to trust His Biblical Truths seemed to become overwhelming… in fact they said that it felt like their heart was “raging from within”. I want to thank the “reader” for their honest transparency, because I do not believe they are alone in this struggle. The desire to know what steps to take toward freedom is a huge leap in the right direction! We all must learn and understand these spiritual principles, if we are to grow in faith as Christ’s disciples.

What most people do not understand is that they need to be free from Demonic Strongholds!

Immediately, you might draw back and feel shocked at this statement. You may even say, “I am not lead by the devil!” Let me first tell you that this issue is a spiritual battle and there is no way to be free from our past unless we admit that the past might still have a hold on our life. We will never be free from old ways except by faith in the wisdom of God and agreement with the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will watch over God’s Word and make it powerful and effective in judging the intents of our heart (Heb 4:12)… if we are willing to receive.

The value of spiritual weapons… (2 Cor. 10:3-6).

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for the pulling down of spiritual strongholds, arguments and human reasoning that war against the Truth and the knowledge of Christ.”

I want to define a stronghold for you… it is a house made of thoughts.

This house made of thoughts is built upon a foundation of lies and deceptions that rule us emotionally, because we have had experiences that overwhelm our ability to believe the Truth. We cannot identify with what we have no ability to believe. What happens is that we make “emotional Covenants”… agreement with Darkness. Covenant agreement is a powerful spiritual force that either works for us or against us. Repentance and forgiveness are the beginning of freedom and all it requires is confession of our sin, but freedom costs us our emotional safety net. Remind yourself that this safety is fear based and not safe at all… its actually a deception. We must surrender our behavior in order to be free (John 8:30-36). Sinful behaviors are connected to the “orphan heart” that wants to be loved and embraced. What happens is that we often confuse legitimate needs with illegitimate behavior (Rom. 1:18-25).

We must do several things to break free.

  • 1st Renounce the Emotional Covenants with Darkness… confess the sin and begin to destroy the yoke associated with the thinking and feeling that sin brings. Isaiah 10:27 says the anointing breaks yokes around our neck… claim that strength for yourself and destroy the yoke.
  • 2nd Ask the Holy Spirit to begin to reveal to you what it is that this sin feeds in your heart. You will be able to hear in your heart immediately when you ask… God will answer and you will know. I find it helps to write a simple paragraph to God asking Him to reveal where your heart was broken and why. You might even want to ask Him where He was in the midst of your pain. You may need to go back into your heart and examine trauma or painful experiences that have caused you to make bitter judgments toward others, your parents or God. Quickly forgive them and the burden will lift, guilt and shame will leave quickly. That is where the Covenant was given its attachment to your heart. That is the easy part.
  • 3rd You must exchange the lies for the Truth of God and begin to identify areas where you are being “fathered” by emotional pain rather than God. Your Father loves you and has always been available to you. His thoughts toward you are all good (Psalm 139:17-18)(Jeremiah 29:11).

You may find many broken places where lies are hiding in your life… expose them and make them come into obedience to the Word of God. Take authority over shame and tell yourself what God has said about you… lies will bow a knee to Truth as you stand firm in Christ!

A Fresh Word

I really like the stories about the Prophet Elijah, but it seems to me like he just appears on the scene in 1 Kings 17. He didn’t come from a family of prophets, and there is no indication that he had connections that would have granted him an audience with King Ahab, the king of Israel. He just went boldly to the king and pronounced that there would be a total drought in Israel for many years.

What gave him such authority, confidence and boldness? The answer is that he had a fresh Word from God. That’s what put him in a position of authority and gave him a sense of security. Elijah had the courage to step out into a seemingly difficult assignment because he had heard from God and believed what God told him.

Every believer should carry a fresh revelation from Heaven with them at all times. If nothing else, we have heard the Gospel of salvation and received forgiveness for our sin. If we would just be bold enough to share that Truth with others, we would witness the miracle of the new birth in the lives of people all around us.

If Elijah hadn’t been bold enough to speak the Word that God had given him, then when the drought occurred, Ahab wouldn’t have associated it with a judgment from God. It would have been easy to dismiss it as just one of those “weather things” that happen. Since Elijah prophesied the drought before it came to pass, there was no doubt that God was at least speaking through this drought and that Elijah was the instrument He would use to bring a fresh word to the nation of Isreal.

Elijah’s willingness to risk everything for what God had shown him was one of the key elements that propelled him into leadership in Israel. Elijah’s obedience put his life in jeopardy, but God willingly provided for him. God tells him

“Get away from here and turn eastward, and hide by the Brook Cherith, which flows into the Jordan. And it will be [that] you shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.” (1 Kings 17:3-4)

Amazing as it sounds, being obedient to God puts us in a position to receive His supernatural supply (Isa. 1:19). One of the reasons so few people experience supernatural provision is because they aren’t doing what God has told them to do. There is no need for God to supply our needs when we aren’t doing anything that requires more than what we can produce. We must move in faith and get out on a limb… that’s where the fruit emerges.

One of the great lessons to learn from Elijah’s life is that God didn’t send Elijah’s provision directly to him. He sent the provision to where He told Elijah to go… it was intertwined in his assignment. In verse 4, God said he had commanded the ravens to feed him “THERE”. “THERE” was beside the brook Cherith… a predetermined place. If Elijah would have stayed where he was, he may have starved; not because God was unfaithful, but because he wasn’t “THERE”… where God set the provision to be.

The ravens were already gathering Elijah’s first meal when the Lord spoke to him. God said in verse four, “I have commanded”… meaning its already in process. The bread and meat would have been deposited at the brook Cherith regardless of whether Elijah appeared. Because Elijah obeyed, he received the benefit from God’s faithfulness and provision. Remember that God intended to care for Elijah when he took seriously the assignment. Its an enormous issue for us to take responsibility and connect to our assignment.

A Fresh Word from God is more powerful than we know.

Song of Praise

As they went out Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me oh Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed those who should sing to the Lord, and who should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army and were saying: “Praise the Lord, For His mercy endures forever.” Now when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and they were defeated. (2 Chron. 20:21-22)

The Song of Praise is a powerful prophetic tool that unlocks the mystery of strength in the midst of spiritual warfare!

  • It Declares- God’s ability in the midst of our frailty!
  • It Celebrates- victory in the face of apparent defeat!
  • It Thanks God- for strategies that have not yet been exposed!

Prophetic Songs:

The song of praise is prophetic; because it gives voice to the Word that God has spoken to you, concerning His outcome for your life. The prophetic song releases power, because it engages faith. We all have moments of desperation, but God remains undaunted by our apparent stress. He stands ready to go forward with His will and purpose for our lives, even when we feel paralyzed by fear. There may be no victory in sight, but there is always a hidden strength in God. Sometimes you just have to put it on or sing to release it.

We can choose to believe the Voice of God and unlock the power that obedience releases through praise!

Breakthrough Praise:

There is something about singing songs of praise that has a powerful magnetic pull on the resources of heaven. And this is why the Bible’s prescription for desperation is a song of praise. God has made the song of praise an instrument of breakthrough.

Unlocking Victory:

King Jehoshaphat received word that a vast army was coming against God’s People. Then, in answer to a prayer of desperation he received a prophetic word from Jahaziel: “The battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chron. 20:15). This Word was like a doorway to victory if the people could respond in faith… the key was the song of praise. Jehoshaphat sent out a choir singing praise to God in front of his army. He was not sending the praisers to their death, but to proclaim the victory that he had already received by God’s Word.

The Bible record is clear, “As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes…”

The enemy armies turned on each other and victory was won with no weapon except a song of praise to God. Do you hear this… with no weapon, no strategy, no great army… The people of God prevailed with a song in their mouth (Ps. 149:6)! The key to your success is in the spirit, not in the natural!

When it feels as though everything is breaking loose against you, break heaven loose against the enemy and overcome with a song of praise.


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