A Believing People

Becoming “A Believing People” means we are called to agree with Heaven all the time! We must train our minds to consider that the heavens are open… Jesus opened them (Jn. 1:51). Believers are to live in unique ways… at the “spiritual gates” (places of entry) of Heaven where angels ascend and descend freely on assignment from God. As Kingdom Agents we are called to advance the supernatural ministry of Jesus in all the Earth; doing His will and obeying His voice. Our willingness to flow in the Spirit and train our minds for the administration of God’s increasing Glory connects Heaven (God’s resource) to Earth (the world of need). This principle could not be more clearly understood than when miracles are seen or healing occurs by the work of God in our midst. We must move in faith and we must move swiftly!

When we have minds set against the supernatural work of God and cannot embrace the impossible, then we will host no invasion of Heaven.

The Supernatural is Released through Agreement!

We had a marvelous example of this recently when a man had a heart attack and died in our Sunday morning worship service. Clyde lost his strength and slumped into his seat, while many around him leaped into emergency mode. His breathing was checked and pulse was undetectable… in this moment all of us were aware that this man had just died in our midst. Three men placed Clyde into his car and as the door was about to shut… God spoke…

“Call life back into this limp body.”

As I declared the Words of Heaven my mind was nowhere else but in agreement with the intent of God to raise this man from the dead! This was in no way something I could do in the natural; but agreement with the intent of Heaven gave influence at the gate between Heaven and Earth. Access – was all we needed! The power of God rushed into this impossible situation. Immediately the man came back from death and asked how he got to the car. With an enormous collective gasp of relief from the small group of believers… our hearts were forever positioned with a new perspective!

Clyde testified to the fact that he left his body and then heard someone calling him back. Within the next few moments his strength returned better than before. He re-entered the worship service as if he had been given new energy and a completely new heart. Needless to say – the congregation was amazed and rejoicing to see what God had done in their midst!

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!” – Matthew 6:10

As “A Believing People” our task is to see what is happening in Heaven and begin to pull it into the Earth realm. The only way to know how to function as gatekeepers is to walk in revelation. We must see through the mind of Christ and respond out of the Father’s heart toward the realities of Earth. Jesus said (Jn 3:12) “…how will you believe if I tell you Heavenly things?” It must come by way of revelation through the spiritual realm. Dwelling at the gates of Heaven means we embrace supernatural encounters as normal experience. As these opportunities arise they become an invitation to exercise faith, speak life and enjoy the favor of God’s touch. As Believing People, its revelation knowledge that helps us carry out our assignments from God (Psalm 84). I would rather be a doorkeeper in the House of My God than dwell in the tents of wickedness… for the Lord God is a Sun and Shield; the Lord will give grace and glory… no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly (Ps. 84:10-11). He is speaking here of the believing heart!

God is looking for those with loyal hearts – believing hearts – that He can show forth His goodness and release His favor…
All for His Glory!

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