A Grateful Heart

When I focus my attention on what God has done and is doing, I am able to maintain a thankful heart.

 Like a fountain that provides water to a stream; so also, that one simple attitude (a grateful heart) changes my impact on the world around me.

 I rise with the awareness that God breaks into the impossibilities of life. Without this awareness I tend to reduce my perception of ministry to what I can do, to my gifts and abilities. The gifts I have are always in need of the breath of God’s Spirit.

 Like the sails of a boat a thankful heart catches “the wind” of God’s breath and - “shwoosh”  just like that, the influence of a thankful heart carries our gift into the supernatural realms.

 If I fail to remember what God has done and is doing then I tend to live in a place where I only accomplish what I see as possible… not what He sees as possible. The wildly exciting life of faith is as simple and assessable as just vocalizing my praise! Just being thankful and acknowledging God’s impact on the impossible sets into motion the fountain of living water. Its the river that Jesus promised would bubble up into an artisan well and never run dry (Jn 7:38), quenching thirst and providing energy to release upon those challenging circumstances.

 I have learned to establish a practice of rehearsing His praise at every decision, calling His name at every barrier and confessing His promise at every impossibility. This shifts my heart toward thanksgiving rather than allowing my mind to move into reasoning. The battle is already won when I can arrive with a grateful heart.

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