A Secret and A Song

Offering the Song

Praise to Our King

Our ability to walk in a way that pleases God and demonstrates the good works He expects is directly connected to our belief in the Gospel and our “new creation” identity in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

Secrets are revealed Truth that offer pleasure!

 The Apostle Paul calls us to live from a different set of values… motives that communicate clearly the Truth of the Gospel (Eph. 2:8-10). He knew that it was God “who was at work”; that the supernatural pattern of grace, always produces good fruit. What God has done in us enables our life to resemble Him before others.

I want to look like Jesus!

 Perhaps nothing is more exciting than those first opportunities to do the will of the Father; for no other reason than to release what we have been freely given. The testimony is pure and roles sweatly off our lips; God is good, and His mercy falls like spring rain.

 Let God receive the glory.

 You walk away having offered grace, a gift without strings. No packaging, no process, no religious box and no expectation… just a secret and a song to lift the heart of an unsuspecting seeker. La la-la you sing as you go on about your day; living to please the One you love. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

Living to please God – is life’s great reward! 

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