All Things New

I believe that as we enter the new year (2010) we must step into it with an awareness of God’s Blessing and favor. All we can attain in ourselves is at best temporary and fleeting… that which is Eternal is the Promise of God.

The Eternal hope that God is in control of our lives comes out of a confidence in His mercy and love toward us. We have experienced these things and have come to rely upon them as security in the midst of the storms of life.

 Coming out of the former year can be as complicated as how we enter the new. Simply because we change the date on our checks does not mean we have left behind our debts. Some of the old stuff clings to us like glue… fears, failures and hurtful experiences must be washed away in order for new life to spring out of the soil of our hearts.

 David asked God to search his heart, try it, test it and really see it… for the revealing of any wickedness that hearts often hold on to or simply ignore, because of discomfort (Ps 139:23-24). What David understood so well was that God cannot bless sinful behavior and that to hold on to wickedness in the heart (the emotional center of our life) would dislodge God’s favor and God’s protection. It would eventually open doors to the enemies around him. This awareness caused David to cry out to God for cleansing streams to flow…

 “wash away all my iniquity oh Lord and cleanse me from my sins” (Ps 51:2).

 God’s mercy is new everyday and He quickly responds to the cry of His Children for forgiveness and cleansing. He is willing and faithful, good and tenderhearted toward our brokenness (Jer 33:8). God’s pattern is clearly declared throughout Scripture… “Come now, let us reason together… Though your sins be like scarlet, THEY SHALL BE AS WHITE AS SNOW (Isa 1:18).

 ”I will wash your garments so they are white as snow” says the Lord to us as we enter the new day, new year or new season.

 Interestingly we must recognize this process of washing before the new day, feels new; before the new year, will feel new and before the new season is able to release the new song. Why?… because of how God designed the heart. God says, “if you seek Me with all of your heart… you will find Me!” He is the One who makes all things… new!

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