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We believe every person is called to be a carrier of God’s hope. A hope that births vision and stirs purpose. A hope that shakes nations and shapes cultural destiny. Our ministry, here at RevivalHut is passionate about life impacted by the hope of the Glory of God. In light of this passion, God has called us to offer Christian leaders opportunity… for growth, change and influence in the Kingdom of God. Our vision was birthed out of a move of the Holy Spirit that began in us in 1999. Out of this season came a fresh revelation that God was calling us to “Go, disciple the Nations!” The seeds of hope were becoming God’s directive on the inside. Today – we are training leaders in the nations… to carry God’s heart for their communities and culture.

MISSION STATEMENTRevivalHut Ministry is founded on Biblical Principles and called by God to disciple and equip leaders for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the Earth.

**Habakkuk 2:14**
“For the Earth will be filled with the knowledge
of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

VISION STATEMENTApostolic Training Centers are schools of ministry designed to equip Christian Believers for the pursuit of God’s purpose in the nations, by offering a 3-year program that develops their knowledge of God, character and leadership skills.


Deep Intimacy with God: We highly value the Glory of God. Students are expected to love Christ and want a deep intimacy with God. We believe it needs to be the motivation for everything we do; we want to know Him and make Him known through our words and actions.
Kingdom Character and Power: We highly value demonstrating the Kingdom of God, both through Spirit-led character and by ministering in the Holy Spirit’s power to others. We want His Kingdom to rule in every area of our lives, in the lives of those we touch and over the cities and countries in which we live.
Missionary Zeal: We highly value living a “missionary lifestyle” where we are laying everything down for Jesus and reaching out to those who do not know the Lord. We want to be faithful in telling others the good news of God’s wonderful love and purposes for all people, tribes and nations.
Passion for Revival: We highly value the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We want to see Him move freely in our midst and we are praying for times of visitation and repentance where the Manifest Presence of God dwells among us.
Authentic Community: We highly value building a New Testament community through loving and accountable relationships. We want God to be glorified through a community that honors Him and reflects His character.

Apostolic Training Centers are based on a 3-year training process.

First and Second Year:
During the first two years, students will take classes from several sources. They will be exposed to multiple settings that will assist in their leadership development including, but not limited to, the following dynamics:

Growing in the knowledge of the Glory of God.
Getting rooted in the love of God as “Father”.
Entering into a more intimate walk with God.
Knowing the Word of God as disciples.
Experiencing authentic relationships.
Receiving practical tools for a life of ministry.
Living with conviction… a pure and holy life.
Building confidence in a Christian identity.
Understanding the call and destiny of God.
Cultivating an active and effective prayer life.

Third Year:
Students who enroll in our third year program participate in an internship. The internship program is an opportunity for students to acquire practical experience while supervised, and make a valuable contribution; by serving in a ministry or business context. Interns will be connected with organizations or entities that have goals and values consistent with those of RevivalHut Ministry.

Third year students will also be involved in a semester of classes, where they will be able to build on what they have learned during their first two years of school, and their internship.

Students are able to specialize in the following areas
1) Ministry: Kingdom Leadership & Church Ministry
2) Business: Developing a Business Plan & Implementation.
3) Practical Skills: Teaching, Carpentry, Farming, Tailoring, Hand Crafts, etc.

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  • Dear man of God :

    Greetings in the precious name of Jesus on behalf of Gethsemane prayer hall from India !

    It’s our joy to write you , how are you we hope that ye all are fine by God’s grace and in His ministry , we does’t know each other but God knows about His ministry to with whom it may concern , we hope and pray He will be lead you to India .
    And we need your prayer support and fellowship in the ministry .

    It’s our ministries :
    Church planting in the cities and villages ,
    Providing food for orphan children with our money which we getting from our church ,
    Distributing New Testament Bibles which we getting freely from Bible society of India
    And Conducting pastors conferences in the cities and villages .

    your’s brother in His ministry ,
    pastor Satyam .

  • this is awesome to see that you have this program me of training our ministers in business skills

  • Dear Beloved Servant in Christ,
    Receive our christian greetings from Kenya in the gracious name of
    our beloved Holy one the Lord Jesus Christ from whom we are forgiven and
    saved. We are greatly blessed and feel privileged
    to know you through your website, learn t about your faith and your
    desire to serve God.

    We are an independent fellowship church group in Kenya desiring to be hed in your church ministry. We are independent in that we are
    without any cover,are not under any mission, ministry or church
    organization. We request for your Christian literature materials and bibles.
    We also practice the christian love and mercy by caring 15 needy orphan children who need help.
    We pray that through God’s Holy Spirit at work, that you shall
    appreciate our interest and desire that we might find a definite spiritual
    partnership with your church ministry.

    May God richly bless you as we look forward for your feedback.
    Yours Pastor Richard

  • Thank you Brother I happened to be on the web and bumped on your web site and was happy to learn that you know my brother pastor Bernard of Tanzania may God bless you as you continue to support Africa through evangelism . I have a vission to empower the poor souls but Iam yet to know the location of the church in Tanzania , very soon God willing and having known the location I will be preaching probably by the year end . Thank you so much GOD bless you .SHALLOM .

  • Pastor Patrick Makokha:

    Greetings in Jesus name.Iam pastor Patrick Makokha And called to minister to those who have hungar to the word of God.Iam based in Nairobi Kawangware slums and moved by your vision statements hence felt in my heart to affiliate with your ministry.I learnt of your ministry through pastor Emanuel Nyongesa.Our ministry; New Jerusalem Gospel Assembly International would like to have a center for discipleship training.God bless you.Yours in service,Pastor Patrick Makokha

  • [...] Apostolic Training Centers [...]

  • My Beloved and Respected Ron & Sister lynda Bateman Happy Advance anniversary,

    i am so thank the Lord our God Almighty we are here for His glory , i am so thanks for thy great fellowship , Sir we are Praying in India from Andhra Pradesh, Vizianagaram District Cheepurupalli. here We do not have any BIBLE COLLAGES IN MY DISTRICT AND EVEN NEAR TO US, WE NEED BIBLE COLLAGE WITH TRUE WORD OF GOD, PLEASE CHECK IN GOOGLE MAP If thy find any Christian collages, before it was but the devil effected them there is no more Bible collages , any way we are Inviting thy will to India Mostly we have SRIKAKULAM AND VIZIANAGARAM THESE 2 District every poor in Bible knowledge please check in google Map and all the details thy may find it , and please check it My web link too sir http://tghgministries.webs.com/india-tghg

    We were Praying Since 1999 for a True Bible Collage but i never Get any true one from their teachings we Believe our Apostolic Training Center Could Help us to more relationship with true Word of God for His glory living in our Pastors fellowship.

    Thy Beloved friend and Brother
    Pastor T.Ch.Babu from India

    E Mail : pastortchinnababu@yahoo.com or hopetoaliveindia@gmail.com

    • Pastor Babu:
      July 26, 2013 at 12:02 am
      My Beloved and Respected Ron & Sister lynda Bateman Happy Advance anniversary,

      i am so thank the Lord our God Almighty we are here for His glory , i am so thanks for thy great fellowship , Sir we are Praying in India from Andhra Pradesh, Vizianagaram District Cheepurupalli. here We do not have any BIBLE COLLAGES IN MY DISTRICT AND EVEN NEAR TO US, WE NEED BIBLE COLLAGE WITH TRUE WORD OF GOD, PLEASE CHECK IN GOOGLE MAP If thy find any Christian collages, before it was but the devil effected them there is no more Bible collages , any way we are Inviting thy will to India Mostly we have SRIKAKULAM AND VIZIANAGARAM THESE 2 District every poor in Bible knowledge please check in google Map and all the details thy may find it , and please check it My web link too sir http://tghgministries.webs.com/india-tghg

      We were Praying Since 1999 for a True Bible Collage but i never Get any true one from their teachings we Believe our Apostolic Training Center Could Help us to more relationship with true Word of God for His glory living in our Pastors fellowship.

      Thy Beloved friend and Brother
      Pastor T.Ch.Babu from India

      E Mail : pastortchinnababu@yahoo.com or hopetoaliveindia@gmail.com

  • kelley shumate:

    where are you located? any ph #?

  • yes last time this program and training was a great blessings to all pastors in eldoret! many pastors attended the apostolic training centers! pastors were so touched for the first time, the hold their hands in prayers and forgave each other, it was a great time when were were taught the Right true teachings about prayers and unity! the power of the lord came down upon every person who attended the teachings, this was 3 years back, by then i was frustrated in the ministry, ready to quiet because of disappointments missionary Ron put this hands upon me, and prayed for me, commissioned me by the name of the lord, to build the kingdom and the lord will build this own church, after prayers, i felt the powers and anointing of the holy spirit came upon me, a heavy burden for souls winning was born in my heart, this apostolic training was like an eye opener to me! the church was small and we had only 30 registered members or less… after prayers i accept the prophetic words spoken to me by the lord apostle! today our church have grown both numerical and spiritual from 30 saints to around a 1000 members!!! we from Kenya eldoret, gospel deliverance church, am founding by the mercy and grace of the lord, wish to thanks the lord and praise this name for sending this servant apostle Ron!! yes say apostle Ron welcome back to Africa in Jesus name! s[peak, teach and equip the saints at our church, gospel deliverance church!! there will be an interdenominational meetings! destiny international conference and crusades on 12th to 15th… all pastors know by now of your coming!! be blessed and we pray for your save journey mass to Kenya eldoret international air port.

  • I m praying for you and i want to appreciate for the love you have for us and i know you are remembering Africa in your prayers we Beverlie God will make a way for you in Jesus name . shalom

    P.O. BOX 413-50102-MUMIAS KENYA

    Apostle Samuel Ombucha

  • Wonderful name of Jesus Christ our Lord i greet you, blessings to you Pastor Ron, its so amazing to see what the Lord is doing through this ministry, its also my prayer God to use you more for His Kingdom. I am moved to start a such ministry here in Kenya, God bless you will keep in touch. Thanks.
    Pastor Roseline.

  • Pastor Solomon K.Carter:

    I have checked your page and as I talked with you on facebook. I would like us to talk about the possibility of us having you in Mbarara-Western Uganda.
    Ps. Solomon

  • matovu eddy:

    praise GOD Apostle thanks for the work of GOD am from Uganda kampala kawempe

  • Evanson Gatuota:

    Kindly i would like to enroll in the school. Am a minister of the gospel living in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Evans:

    Am greatly blessed, as i went through the teaching in the school of ministry i was Impressed by detailed you are and word and pure word based teaching…as i was reading and looking INTO the Word the Spirit of The Lord confirmed this is what i have been looking for in my almost twenty years of ministry. Am so Encouraged and Empowered…how i long that i will be able to reach other leaders and we Be Equipped TOGETHER. Am also grateful for your quick response to my request, It is True That This Is The King’s Business and IT REQUIRE HASTE!!!!! AM BLESSED, Peace and Loy to you in the Ministry

    • Ron:

      Thank you my brother… I am hopeful that you will find all that you need to succeed and draw a number of other leaders together. We will continue to be available through email to encourage your progress. Blessings Pastor Ron Bateman

  • “That he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people”
    Psalm 113:8
    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST!

    My Name is Pastor Raju. I was born in Hindu family and very poor Family. In my family first my Mother came to know about GOD, My parents have two children. Iam the second, when i was in my Mother’s WOMB God selected me and from my Childhood onwards i used to study bible and worked as a sunday school Teacher and youth ministry. And i have a more Burden to save many souls from Sin. I was worked in a Juice Shop, with my salary i used to buy some food items for street Children and living in Slum area.

    While this was going i surrender myself to GOD, In the Blood of JESUS my Sins were cleaned. I took Baptism on 21/08/1993 and went to Bible college in 1998,I learned more about Jesus, in 2000 i came to do God’s service in Slum area at Kakinada, Dairy farm, Nookalamma manyam. When i came here people are idol worshippers in that bad situation I started my Evangelical service with three Women’s. Today GOD made me as a pastor to many Spirits. Before Marriage only I was doing GOD’S work and in 24/04/2002 I married my Wife Sujatha, She is a Good singer and A Good prayer Warrior. After She entered into my Life God Blessed our Ministry. 18/04/2004 my Daughter Hephzibah was Born.In 10/102007 my last Daughter Sharon Grace was born

    Every Year I Used to conduct Gospel crusades and children camps. My ministry is to give a best life in God. We faced many problems in the ministry, many people tried to kill me. God saved David and Daniel from Lions in the same way GOD saved from these peoples. Since from 10 years we started church in Rent House still now we didn’t have proper Church Building. Now we are keeping Prayers in TENT House. When Rain falls, We are having Much problem,, l didn’t feared for the hot summer, winter or rain. We are DEPENDED on GOD, not on the people. Please do pray and continue your support for great Ministry of GOD

  • Thank you Revival Hut. I’ve liked your site. How do I join your programs?

    May God Bless you

  • God Bless you,
    Respected Bro
    I greet you in the name of our savior Lord Jesus Christ.
    I watched your face book and website Bio Data and pictures and so much blessed ministry work around the World. i am happy to hear it that you are came in Pakistan . i am happy to hear it and we welcome to you in this country. we wish that you also visit in our church so please spend your time in our church . we also wish attend your others netting those where you preach and share the sermons
    You have strong burden for spreading Gospel around the world. I am Evangelist Zaiba Saleem from Faisalabad Pakistan and my father is a Pastor Saleem Founder of yypm where many 1000′s came for receiving the power of Holy Spirit and many hundred’s repent and accepted the Jesus Christ as son of God and Eternal life tree and living Lord so our ministry are happy to see you again in Pakistan for preaching teaching and healing for couple a day .
    Faisalabad is the 3rd biggest city of Pakistan and around about 3.5 million’s populations so million’s are crying for word of God and dieing without salvation So please come and win thousand’s souls for Kingdom of God with us.
    I would like to you invite you in Faisalabad for Open air Gospel and Healing Crusades and Prayer meetings any time of your life. we want work with you for poor and needy and orphanage children and we want we will open a school for them and we will give them free books and free study and we want open sewing center for widows and poor young girl then she will earn money for their children and family its our vision please keep us in your prayers we are waiting your reply so gave us answer as soon as possibel
    daughter of God,Zaiba saleem

  • Dear God servant Bateman i want to blessed the Lord for you and the ministry , I am Apostle Judah vah and I wish to connect with you and your teaching ministry from Liberia. i will love that you kindly send me more of how over sea ministry can partner with you doing the courses and ministry partnership with your ministry. with this i will love to hear back from you .
    Apostle Judah Vah

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  • Greetings Pastor Ron. I am Freewater Nathaniel Issah, the Lead Elder for the Nation Nigeria under the Auspices of National Association of Christian MINISTERS and the Founding Provost of the Freewater World Institute of Pastoral Ministry Nigeria. I got your site address from a minister in Kenya who said he once invited you to Kenya for a ministration sometimes ago. He sent a letter of invitation to a friend of mine in America by name Pastor Dixie Vargo, inviting her a program in Kenya. His letter of invitation was forwarded to me to confirm the authenticity of the message and I asked if he has hosted any minister(s) from America or outside Kenya before and he mentioned you. I am writing to find out if it is true that you have been hosted by him. His name is Pastor Wycliffe Khaemba of One Way Church, Malaha Area. Webuye. Kenya. East Africa.

    Please can I have your direct email address so I can communicate with you on how we can network together, possibly leading us (MINISTERS of the Gospel) in our Annual Ministers Conference. Waiting to hearing from you soonest. Thanks.

  • Precious Servant of God,
    Warm christian greetings toyou from India.
    We are a small christian ministry located in Odisha state seeking your prayer,partnership and other assistance to start a Bible Training Centre for our state.There is no a single Bible training centre in my district.People go to far state in order to learn .Please consider for us in a special way for the glory of God.
    Thank you
    Pastor Nag
    India Outreach

  • Dear brother greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ,
    I am founder of International Network Ministries Pune India I born and brought up in Hindu family but 1999 I touched by God and I received the Jesus as personal savior. now I am working with the slum kids and also I go for the preaching and teaching to the different churches and bring the body of Christ together.
    I met you on Facebook and you given me the link to see the apostolic teaching and it is great joy to always lorn more deep about jesus and teach others those who are in needs. I pray and also trust if God’s will you can bring your program in our place but everything in God’s hand without him we can not do anything.
    looking forward to hear from you
    much blessings
    Vinod Sharma

  • Bishop Eric:

    Hello Brother & Sister
    Apostle Ron Bateman
    I am called Pastor Eric from Rwanda (AFRICA!!!) and i hope that you are doing Good Work! I am very glad for God’s leading, how i was visited your Website. When i was reading your details via website and very really attracted me. I send this Email for you and maybe we can have Correspondence between I & You. As you see now i am working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children & Air Crusades, Pastors Conference, and those who are not able to go to Bible school. But our Vision is to do Pastor Conferences. I desire through Apostolic Training Centers for training them. But when you see, it is very great Burden for me as i am still working alone and with my new wife!!! We are praying and waiting the will of God and maybe in His timing God will bring someone who can stand with us for reaching this Goal. Please as you read this message, don’t have confusion, because what i am telling you is total true story. But sometime you can be without resource. So please as the Servant of God, when you see this Message, please consider to coming up to me. I am ready to have you more if we sharing with, because we are praying you!!! and you will come in Rwanda – Asap – thanks very Much and God Bless you So Much!!!!
    With Love Pastor Eric

  • Dear servants of God,
    Greetings in Jesus’s name
    Writing is pastor Isaac Momanyi. Thanks a lot for the good work that you do for the lord!
    I have personally gone to your site and really attracted to it.
    We are just a young church, which is tender spiritually and need to be nourished in spiritual matters.
    As pastor to this young church, i kindly ask that if God gives you favor, please support us with any of your literature materials relevant to young believers! Any bible Copies on top will be highly appreciated.
    In us there are also 15 destitute children, whom we do offer some care, though our efforts are still wanting. Kindly put them also in your prayers so as God to provide for them in due time.
    Be blessed, with hopes to read from you.
    Pastor Isaac.

  • Patrick Nkhoma:

    Dear men of God
    Thanks you so much for the good work your doing for the Lord. I am a dedicated brother and am leading a group of people in the bible study program in my country, Malawi. We started in a number of three and I can see the move of God among us. We are growing by and by. We gave a name to our group and it is Grace Scripture Fellowship. Our plan is to grow and build a church in future. Actually, we are looking for partnership in the fellowship and that they can share with us some resources with finances and literature.
    We give glory to the Lord always.
    Our prayers are with you always!

  • Pst. Reuben Marisah Nehemiah:

    These are wonderful teaching I am so excited about it and I love it so much.

  • Patrick Nkhoma:

    Dear Pastor Ron
    Glady to have the ongoing opportunity to serve the Lord as you keep me in prayers. I have a burning desire to become a “vessel unto honor” always before men and God. As I indicated in my previous email that, we have a small bible study group and yes God is helping us since January and the turn up sounds empowering.
    We hope to see you in Malawi and share more in the areas of technical and spiritual insight to the communiies. We love you and our prayers for you always!

  • Magembe Joseph:

    I’m grateful to know what Revival Hut is doing all over the world. Uganda is in great need of training and equiping leaders.
    Your support will help much,

    Pastor Joseph Magembe
    Uganda Mission of Hope

  • Dear Pastor Ron.
    It is privilege
    To get this Opportunity of sending greetings and requesting this training and I hope will be the great things in the kingdom life. Thank you and will be waiting to hear from you.
    Yours in Burundi
    Jean Bosco manihankuye
    Bishop of Fountain of life churches international Burundi. +257 79981999







  • Rev Joseph Ouko Ongany:

    Praise the Lord, I would be glad to get all the details required to start a training center in kisumu, Kenya. BLESSINGS

  • Dear great man of god, loving greetings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I thank god for all your ministry there.

    I am pastor Blessing serving the lord in samalkot for the last 15 years. I am married and have two children. All the congregation of our church, Sunday school children,youth,women and our family,

    some pastors send you greetings of love and peace. Dear man of god. My wife and i go to all villages by a old bicycle and preach the word of god, we distribute tracts and pray for sick and welcome them to the church.

    We preach to the people who live in sin. We preach saying “come to the lord Jesus Christ he shall forgive all your sins”. So, i request you to pray for all our outreach ministry with a great heart. Dear man of god, In our church,

    we conduct youth fellowship,women meetings,children programs. We sing songs and praise god by claps. We give more importance to read word of god, we have divine fellowship with one and another.

    Once in month we give lord supper in the church and the end the meeting we participate in the love feast. So i request you to pray for all our spiritual activities in than church.

    Dear man of god, i do not have any help from anybody i faithfully depend on god for help. You are in our hearts, your love for us is so wonderful.

    You are our only leader and guide i don’t no any body in your country accept you, god has given you to us. Let god speak to your heart about our ministry. This ministry is totally belongs to you. You are our director and leader. I request you to give us reply soon and pray for all of us.

    Thank you ,
    your in his service
    Pastor T Blessing
    18-14-113,Bhaskar nagar,
    samalkot-533440,AP, INDIA

  • Kirunda Betty Katabalwa:

    Dear Pastors Ron and Lynda Bateman,

    I just thank God for you and the ministry that the Lord has entrusted in you; and even for the two times we met with you. first time we met in Eldoret – Kenya and the second you offered to come to our place. I am blessed that I always reminded of the testimony you gave us about your growth. all the teachings, the words of encouragement, and the love you showed will never be forgotten. I have tried to reach you many times but I have never received a reply from you. Our ministry is now called NEW BEGINNING EMPOWERMENT CHURCH. All the leaders you met in Bugiri still treasure your message. We love you – Pastor Betty Grace – NBEC – Uganda.

  • Dear brother Ron please helping bible college we re treble Areas come beak beak wad Areas please pray for you our missionary work

  • Bishop woopo silver:

    Dear Bishop
    Praise God, we are pastors from eastern Uganda who are taking the course ,we have finished first year manuals.Today we appreciate your office for sending us second year course units manuals. we look forword to see you in Mbale thanks much blessing to all.
    Bishop woopo silver

  • Fouzia:

    Greeting in the name of Jesus,
    We have been studying your timeline and we are inspired by your teachings and your thoughts.
    My group and I have decided to work with you, as we want to promote God’s word and your teachings her in Pakistan with your permission. It would be a great honor for our group and women and children of lovers of lord to learn your teachings and words of God. We want your moral support your help in any stuff your guidance and your training’s through which we can teach here in Pakistan



  • Thank you very much Pastors Ron and Lynda Bateman.

    Whenever I read about what the Lord has enabled you to do in Uganda I glorify the Lord for enabling you to go to that level. i still remember your word to us during your first visit in Uganda and I still say that we still love you and would like to benefit from the teachings.
    God bless you for the big hart you have for Africa

    Betty Grace
    Snr. Pastor – New Beginning Empowerment Church – Uganda

  • Prof. BJO., Ayorinde:

    I am interested in the 3-year training Programme. Kindly, guide me through on the application process.
    I live in Nigeria and work as a lecturer at Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State.
    My regards,
    BJO., Ayorinde, PhD.

  • Paul sackie:

    Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ, I bless God for you to be counted amount the living, I pray to see you one day in Liberia thank stay bless!!!

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