Atmospheric Pressure

Fragrant Atmospheres


Just as certain scents can invoke pleasant memories inside of us… they can also help lead us into experiences with God.

 Using a candle or baking fresh bread, does more than just scent the air; it pulls upon our emotions and encourages feelings of warmth and comfort. The important thing to understand is that the scent creates an atmosphere. Whoever enters that atmosphere can experience a season of comfort from the outside world. Its amazing that our noses can trigger these types of response.

 I cannot help but draw spiritual truth from this concept as I recall the moments when Mary washed the feet of Jesus with the precious oil of spikenard (Jn 12:3). The fragrance filled the room and became everyone’s experience.

 ”The house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.”

 You would think this would have been a rich moment for those in the house and for some it probably was. I know Jesus certainly appreciated the gesture, because He spoke in her defense when those who criticized began to complain about the financial waste (Jn 12:7).

Atmospheres are mysterious even though many are created with pleasant things like fragrances. When we come into an atmosphere that brings discomfort, we must use discernment to judge our responses. These moments can represent opportunities for deliverance or refuge from pain.

Remind yourself of God’s love and acceptance and renew your thoughts by speaking to your soul. Tell your soul that His forgiveness is complete as you walk through heart disturbing atmospheres. The Bible calls this “walking in the Light”.

 I believe God is interested in using “atmospheric pressure” to reveal what is in our hearts so we can be cleansed and revived in our relationships.

 We are designed to grow into Kingdom Agents looking for opportunity to reflect His power in the Earth. So we must set our affections upon Christ in the midst of every atmosphere.

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