Battles We Face

Meeting at the Altar

Meeting at the Altar

We must focus on just one thing – the eyes of Jesus!

Today, these are the battles we face in the ministry of reconciliation. The battle to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the rejection we experience. The battle to press forward when things look daunting and others are pointing fingers. The battle to resist the fear of men’s faces when they consider you a fraud. And ultimately, the battle to find your identity in Christ and believe that you can do all things by His power. Most people do not understand the cost of a life well lived in Christ.

Here is what I wrote recently
to a fellow
warrior in Kenya…

I am with you my friend… I’ve been where you are and often find myself wrestling with these same problems. People who call themselves “Christian” yet their hearts are far from God. They flatter God with their lips, but turn on His servants with bitter words and secret meetings. There seems to be no fear of God and no desire for holiness. They redefine their behavior to suit themselves and they have no hunger for the Words that proceed from the Mouth of God. But you must be different! You must continue to look into the very eyes of Christ, Jesus!

The Glory that Covers:

This is your opportunity to discover the Glory that covers (Ps 91:1-2). Remember that Jesus was in the wilderness fasting, when the devil came to Him, but there were other wild beasts Jesus was contending with (Mk 1:12-13). Remember the Garden of Eden, the Serpent was more cunning than any “beast of the field” (Gen 3:1). Beasts represent faces that challenge us, taunt us and try to overwhelm. Your greatest battle is always going to be the fear of man. Jesus warns us of their faces. But there is a Glory that covers and shelters you from harm. It is found beneath His wings, in His Presence and as you look into His eyes (2 Cor 4:6). 

The Battle is over the Word!

What you carry is the Word of Life and although it represents the love of God, it stands as a dangerous threat to Satan’s kingdom. One very important Truth we must remind ourselves:  Tribulation and persecution arise BECAUSE of the Word (Mt 13:21)! Why? 3 Reasons: 1st) The Word comes as a seed and every seed must be cracked open. It requires some kind of crushing force in order to release its potential. 2nd) The flesh resists things that require faith. Change is never easy, even when we can prove it to be the best. 3rd) Your anointing is still finding its platform of influence. The battle with the faces of men will never cease, but in time you will discover the Glory that covers you in the midst of it all. The battle is the Lord’s! 

Realize that the greatest work God will ever do THROUGH you is what He is doing IN you.

I admire your tenacity my brother… do not forget its all about the heart of the Father. Soak in the Holy Spirit’s love for you and keep your heart soft toward people.

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