Being A Father

I think she was maybe 5 here.

“And behold, there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler of the synagogue. And he fell down at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to come to his house, for he had an only daughter about twelve years of age, and she was dying.” (Lk. 8:41-42)

Something that stands out to me about Jairus is that he personally went to see Jesus about this need in his family. He was the leader of the synagogue, so he had other responsibilities, other people even that he could have sent. But he decided to go himself… because of a “fathering heart”!

Imagine being in that situation. I have a 12 year old daughter now so I can definitely relate. His daughter was very sick, and they obviously couldn’t do anything to help her. Then Jairus has an idea… Jesus! I know that He can help her! So he goes to meet with Jesus and explain what has happened to his daughter.

I can hear his family and friends saying something like…

  • “You shouldn’t go alone.”
  • “Send some of your messengers. They can bring Jesus back here.”
  • “You need to stay here with your daughter.”

But he cared too much about his daughter to do that. I couldn’t imagine just waiting around watching your daughter get worse and be unable to help her. I would go crazy wondering what to do or what was taking them so long. If you read on, you find that she dies back at the family home.

Could it be possible, that this act of personally going to Jesus had a direct impact on the miracle that took place with Jairus’ daughter? Absolutely!

If he had sent his messengers, I’m not sure that we would have ever heard this story. But Jesus knew every detail of the daughter’s condition before Jairus even left home. He knew why Jairus was there; and because of faith, Jesus made a point to help this loving father… do his “fathering”.

I am so glad when Jesus helps me father as I should!

Because of Jesus… the daughter of Jairus would see a fathering heart in her daddy.

  1. She saw that her daddy was not ashamed to seek out the help of Jesus.
  2. She saw that her daddy was not ashamed to bring Jesus into their home.
  3. She saw that her daddy was not ashamed to focus on trusting Jesus and help his wife and daughter.
  4. She saw that her daddy was not ashamed to openly embrace her and express his love to her.

The next time you go to Jesus with the needs of your family, remind yourself that Jesus will help you be the father your family needs you to be… inspite of all the distractions.

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