Bishop Eric

Hello Brother & Sister; Apostle Ron Bateman

I am called Pastor Eric from Rwanda AFRICA! I am a Bishop among my people and we are so proud of our country. I see that you have been in our region and it is our hope that you are extending the good work of training leaders in our direction! I am very glad for God’s leading, how I was able to visit your website… When I was reading your details about Apostolic Training Centers, my heart was encouraged by all that is going on across East Africa. I sent my email address for you and maybe we can have correspondence between us.

As you see now I am working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children, as well as doing Open Air Crusades, Pastors Conference, and ready to open a Bible school. Our Vision is to do more than dream… we want to see a fresh move of God’s heart in Rwanda. I see that through Apostolic Training Centers, we can transform our culture and release revival throughout all of Rwanda. But as you have seen, it is a very great burden for me… as I am still working alone with my new wife! We are praying and waiting on the will of God and maybe in His timing God will bring you to stand with us for reaching this goal.

Please as you read this message, don’t have confusion, because what I am telling you is total true story. You have seen that sometimes you can be without resources. So please as the Servant of God, when you see this message, please consider coming to our nation. I am ready to have you more if you would be willing, because we are praying and believing for your ministry. To see what God will do, we must believe for God’s Word to come forth in Rwanda – Asap – thanks very much and God Bless you so much!

With Love Pastor Eric

Servant of God, when you see this message, please consider coming to our nation.

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