Bitter Roots

Bitter Roots Rob Us of Grace

“See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” (Heb 12:15).

What comprises these “bitter roots?” They consist of traumatic experiences of pain, distress, disappointment and brokenness that encourage feelings of bitterness. These feelings may begin in a moment or extend to lengthy seasons in our life, but their impact release root systems that grow and bear fruit. Without good resolution to that trauma, these bitter memories can keep a person continually torn up with pain and emotional scaring.

Roots grow beneath the surface:

Surprising emotional outbursts and difficulty making wise decisions or keeping intimate friendships are signs that bitterness is growing inside like a poisonous root system. As it grows it becomes toxic for both the heart of the person enabling the struggle and those who are in their proximity.

Hurt people, hurt people:

Amazingly, a person can love Jesus and live as a devoted Christian and still have bitter roots of hurt and ugliness controling their emotions, attitudes and behaviors. It was for this very reason, the writer of Hebrews wrote that we “see to it” that we don’t miss out on the grace of God due to some poisoning, toxic bitter root.

The Spirit and the Word offer freedom!

These bitter roots embedded within the soulish mind, for the most part; require assistance from God and deliverance from lies. Yet, when uncovered by the Truth of God’s Word and the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit;  miracles are achieved in the life of the hurting Christian. Jesus encourages us to abide in the Truth (reality from God’s perspective) and the Truth will set us free (Jn. 8:32).

Let the Word read you.

I encourage folks to read the Word of God carefully; not as a book of rules, but as a loving expression of God’s grace and power… revealing His heart toward us. I like to feel as though the truths of Scripture are “reading” me. Rather than trying to get information, I want transformation by the renewal of my mind and heart. The Holy Spirit trains us how to take a bitter root to Jesus, so that nothing will block our full experience in God’s grace. Freedom is achievable and transformation leads us into fruitful expressions that bring strength internally and pleasure to those who come in contact with us.

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