Blueprint For Enlargement

“Some time in the future I’m gonna look much better than I look right now!” This proclamation was heard at a conference I recently attended where we felt the compelling urge to prophetically step into the new places God had carved out for us.

 I am absolutely convinced that radical steps must be taken to shift us into the ground already “possessed”.

 The activity of taking the possession is a militant call for a “dis-possessing” of the present squatters. Unforgiveness is a squatter, bitterness and envy are squatters, competition, jealousy, pride, fornication, sorcery, heresies and uncleanness of all kinds are squatters upon the promise ground of God’s work in our lives. 

These deceiving spirits lie and establish false ownerships. They communicate through intimidation… not face to face, but beneath the radar. It is Satan’s goal to kill, steal and destroy without making a ripple in our daily routine. We must first awaken ourselves to the reality of the battle; then we must speak with faith and conviction into the spiritual realm (Eph 3:10). Life and death are in the power of our tongue and we overcome Satan’s lies by the word of our testimony.

His (God’s) destiny is not far from our possession; it just gets obstructed by the deceiving perspectives that the Enemy sets in our path. Deut 30:14 declares God’s pathway for obtaining the inheritance…

He says look now …..the Word is near you even in your mouth and in your heart that you may do it.

 He is speaking here of the opportunity to move into promised land through our obedient use of believing and speaking. Its the activity of faith… and the obligation of all who aim to have influence for the glory of Christ. In this day we must have Kingdom enlargement for the obtaining of every mountain of influence.

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