Breathe With Me

I have never met a man who was able to live very long without breathing.

Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Its one of those necessities of life… that is also taken for granted more than most experiences. We appreciate our ability to blow out birthday candles and celebrate with friends, like Anita… who still wants us to believe she is 21 years old. We love you anyway.

Jesus helps us see breathing in a different light. He breathed upon the disciples after He rose from the dead and told them to receive the Holy Spirit (Jn 20:22). Another word in Greek for spirit is the word pneuma or in English we use the word breath or wind.

 So Jesus was equating our ability to breathe to an experience in God.

 My desire is to understand the things of God so well that it would come as natural as breathing is to me. To breathe in His life and breathe out blessing to others, may very well be the thought Jesus was wanting His disciples to pick up on. The idea that living a spiritually empowered life could be as easy as breathing, is a hard thing for religious folks to wrap their minds around.

 But can I just invite you to breathe with me and see what happens… c’mon just breathe in His love and exhale all the pressures of the world. Now breathe in His joy and exhale all of the weight of sin and guilt. One more time, breathe in His peace and exhale all your fear and discouragement. Now this is a powerful excersize that will produce fruit in your life… and all you did is breathe with me.

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