Bring the Goods

Following the Signs

Immanuel is Found

I am grateful that God wants to bring renewal to hungry hearts and pour out spiritual rain upon the dry and thirsty soul.

Our cry is for more and although we’ve just begun our quest for a supernatural move of God… it has become quite obvious that carrying the Glory requires integrity and Truth in the deepest places. Hunger alone is not enough. The attributes that arise out of transformation are essential to sustaining our commitment to seek first the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:33).

 Plainly we must become a people who are committed to pray with passion and purpose… living from the overflow of His Presence.

 Historic revival can be within reach, but it must be identified by its intimacy with God… not hype.

 The move of God we are after calls for a great harvest of souls as well as a reformation of society and culture; its not about more meetings. Somehow God is going to make His people a shining light upon the Earth.

 I believe integrity shapes our ability to reflect the heart of Christ in this season.

 Our ability to be transparent and real about the Christian life means acknowledging that our success depends upon the Holy Spirit. People have seen enough of the hype to last five lifetimes and overall they are fed up with living with false promises that carry no power.

 We must bring the goods to the table.

The Apostle Paul said people’s faith should not rest upon the wisdom of men, but upon the power of God… not on the eloquence of any preacher’s speaking, but upon the demonstration of the Spirit (1 Cor 2:3-5).

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