Called By God?

 I am beginning to think that the concept of being ”called by God” is being applied to anything and everything that is difficult. I hear folks use the word called for things like: parenting, teaching, downsizing your house or car, volunteering at the food bank, giving some bread to a struggling family, letting a friend live with you, or quitting your job.  The fact of the matter is that you actually can be called to do any of these things and more! But it raises the question…

 What does “Called By God” mean?

It creates a bit of confusion when any of these things require a call in order to be done. You see, by saying that God has to call you to help a person in need, unintentionally sends the wrong message about God’s specific and unique call upon a person’s life. God’s call is specific and unique to each individual based upon their gifts and personality, but we are all involved generally in loving others and discipling the nations. 

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mk 12:31). 

What makes the Christian life so satisfying is its opportunity to embrace the purposes of God and feel a deeply shared responsibility to reach out to all of the people in our path. Its the message we carry that moves us beyond what most of the world considers normal. You and I really need no special call to meet the needs of those around us, we simply must be aware and available. Our daily responsibility before God is to live self-less lives; to give our lives away. Jesus clearly expected us to live compassionate lives that reflected His heartbeat.

 ”Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you have done it unto Me” (Mt 25:40).

 I will be the first to confess that adopting an orphan is somewhat abnormal. It doesn’t seem like many have embraced this opportunity (I haven’t), but we have to ask if this is the way it should be?  Should it be that in order for someone to care for another person who has nobody to care for them, they need a call from God? We must allow our hearts to feel rather than only believe what our head tells us. So much of what God has asked of us gets explained away by our comfort or convenience.

 Could it be that compassion itself, is the inner voice of God calling us to move with His purpose in mind? 

God delights in us and wants to use whoever will respond. Every Christian should live with a confidence that they are called by God and with that call, experience daily personal encounters that enlarge their heart toward His purposes in the Earth. These moments become our points of contact that establish our belief in destiny… God’s destiny. I have heard many stories from very common, yet incredible people describing the call of God as a visible bright light, audible voice, visit from an angel or a dream. However it comes, God calls us to serve Him and then reveals Himself to us, so that the purposes He has in mind can be accomplished. It amazes me still that God uses frail humanity; wears us like a glove and expects to transform whatever He touches through us.

 His promise to the trusting heart is that He watches over His Word and delights in performing His will…  (Jer 1:12).

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