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This email was sent to me February 11th 2014 following our regional director’s (Samuel Asani Bahombwa) return from Tanzania. Pastor Samuel is our Director in the Republic of the Congo. It is exciting to see and hear from him as he has a great passion for the work of training spiritual leaders all across Central Africa. He is truly a wonderful blessing to our RevivalHut Network of leaders. Enjoy…

Greetings in the wonderful and precious name of our Apostle and High Priest Jesus, the Christ. I am delighted to let you know that I arrived safely from the mission conducted and concluded in Tanzania for about two months. My family is ok and continuing in the faith. I conducted many sessions of training in the refugee camps where the Lord enabled me to teach the following themes:

-Who is Jesus? Messiah (Christ) and the Son of God: (Matt. 16:16)(1 Tim. 3:16)
-The restoration of the five-fold ministry: (Eph. 4:11)
-Receiving again grace and apostleship: (Rom. 1:5)
-Making known the Revelation of the Mystery of God: (Eph. 3:2-11)
-Understanding and entering into the Spirit of Sonship: (Rom. 8:15)
-Building the House of God; doing the work of the the apostle as a wise master builder: (1 Cor. 3:10)
-Following the Scriptural pattern of breaking bread from house to house: (Acts 20:20)
-Making disciples: (Matt. 28:18-20)
-Training and equipping workers for the harvest: (Matt. 9:37-10:40)(Lk. 10:1-20)
-Bringing the Church into maturity by fathering sons: (Gal. 4:19)(1 Cor. 4:14-17)

Therefore, having familiarized myself with your teaching on the internet, I find that you are equipping us with the Truth… the pure Word of God as an Apostolic Leader. We continue to remind ourselves that Jesus has said in Matt. 16:18 “I will build My Church”… God is building a house (temple) and we are inspired to dwell with Him in it. The temple is made up of living stones, we the saints are those living stones. We are being built into a Spiritual House for God to indwell by His Spirit (Eph. 2:22). This ministry is being raised up and we, as priests continue to offer up spiritual sacrifices to God (1 Pet. 2:5) with thanksgiving and joy. This is our passion, to watch as God builds upon the foundation of the apostle and the prophet (Eph. 2:20). These pillars are beginning to already under-gird ministries that hold up the rest of the building; connecting the Church to the foundational Rock of Revelation, who is Christ Our Lord (1 Cor. 3:11). We are understanding now that without the apostles and prophets, the building will not be built according to the Scriptural pattern and carry the Glory as God intended. It is the “apostles’ doctrine” that the Church is to devote itself to (Acts 2:42)… not human traditions or superstition.


We have Apostolic Training Centers now set up in the Congolese Refugee Camps in Kigoma Town (Tanzania), in Burundi and in the Republic of Congo. It has been a good beginning and I have been well received. I am introducing apostolic teaching to the disciples in so many places. In the midst of the training, I am also translating into their understanding; so we can follow the curriculum and be able to issue certificates and eventually diplomas later on.

Requesting Our Visit:

Therefore, at this time – We need you! We want to welcome you to come soon and help us move forward. I need you to complete the process by instructing us in teaching and graduating the successful students. That is why my family and I support your plan of coming and staying with us for a month or so in order to ground me in what you are teaching. If you equip and empower me, the work will be easier since I will be trained as a teacher of teachers. I still need to be under your feet for more training. I remember that you said you will be in Uganda in March and requested you on the phone to connect this mission trip to our family visit! I could meet you in Uganda and then come with you into the Congo. If you can decide otherwise, we agreed in my family to suggest to you that you may come and stay with us equipping, strengthening and maturing us as the Body of Christ, workers for the harvest. As with the Lord nothing is impossible!

We are convicted that God will make arrangements for our meeting and the work will bring advancement to the Kingdom of God. My family and I are longing for having a face-to-face contact with you so that we may talk more and build our relationship on the Word of God. God has made us known to one another on purpose! It is encouraging and pleasant to speak with you by phone. Greet your family and other brethren for me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Grace and peace, Apostle/Pastor Samuel Asani Bahombwa. (RevivalHut Ministries Regional Director)

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