It was a year ago that  Ron first asked Zach if he would like to travel with him to Uganda.  Zach told Ron that he thought that would be fun.  While praying about the situation, I got a vision of my tall, white-blonde haired son sitting on the ground with children all around him. Children have always been drawn to Zach.  There is still that little boy in him that thoroughly enjoys interacting with any child.

Ron shared with me that this past Sunday he was in a church, in Uganda, preaching and  Zach was in the back of the church building sitting with the children.  The place was jam-packed and Zach was video-taping off and on and taking pictures.

One of the babies asleep on the floor in the back of the church

Soon a little 3 year-old child sat next to him and put his hand on Zach’s leg. (Zach has always preferred sitting on the ground cross-legged.)  The next time Ron looked up the child was sitting on Zach’s lap sleeping.  I asked Ron if there was a picture of this and he shared with me that this was happening while he was preaching.  So, no pictures, but I can “see” it pretty clearly in my mind.

Often Ron and I will ask Zach what he is thinking of in terms of his future and as we were talking about this recent experience we were reminded of this gift of Zach’s.  The gift of being child-like while still being an adult. This is something that I need.  This attitude of being child-like (not to be confused with “childish”) while still being an adult.

Jesus did this so well.  He was able to let the children come to Him and surround Him and pull on Him.  We all know that He rebuked the disciples for thinking that hanging out with children is a waste of time.  When Jesus sent out the disciples and they returned with their testimonies, the Bible says, “He rejoiced”.  That’s our English translation.  When you dig into the Greek the term rejoiced means that he danced so exuberantly that it looked like his limbs were coming apart.  That is Dancing!!  Child-likeness is an extreme trust and faith that God is good, that He is faithful and that He really loves me.

2 Responses to “Childlike”

  • Alma Witzenburg:

    So thankful for that picture of our grandson!!!! Thank You, Jesus!!!

  • pastor JIMMY:

    i saw it all children loved him sitting on his lap as ron preached i was forced to send others away that he may have space. he space in his heart for children and there is a glory of God in him that attracts children to him. the spirit of the lord is crafting him towards children’s ministry in the future look on

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