Come Follow Me

Peter and Andrew leave their nets (Mt 4:18-20), Matthew his tax table (Mt 9:9), James and John a bewildered father (Mt 4:21-22)… because of the words: “Come, follow Me”. The woman at the well leaves behind her bucket (Jn 4:28), blind Bartimaeus runs off and forgets the cloak in which he gathered his coins from begging (Mk 10:50). Mary left behind an alabaster flask (Mt 26:7). Lazarus leaves behind an empty tomb (Jn 11:43)…. and on it goes. All these stories demand that we answer the question, “why have so many left so much to follow Jesus?”

Transitions require it!

Leaving things, dropping responsibilities and laying aside all that hinders is the way of those whose hearts have been captured. We are the generation that longs for more. We are the disciples that invested in the Kingdom of Heaven rather than the kingdoms of darkness. We have no regrets because there was no difficulty letting go. It was the God who allowed light to shine into us, from the very face of Christ that has shone into our hearts (2 Cor 4:6). He is all we seek now, for who else can offer the words of eternal, supernatural life. He has ravished my heart… I finally know where I belong!

“Come, follow Me?” Are you kidding, do You have to ask?

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