There are moments in time when God begins to move culturally by pulling different people together;  individual leaders who find themselves needing and wanting to draw upon the gifts and priorities of other leaders. The end result is that the “cluster anointing” or new mix of relationships produce something fresh in the Kingdom that has a unique impact on the world. According to God’s Word, there are times and seasons when real leadership shifts are mandatory to bring fresh revelation and renew the life giving fruit released from the cluster (Isa 65:8-12).

A Cluster speaks of strength:

 The moment in which God invites the new mix of leadership to join Him in what He’s been preparing us to do is called convergence. God is calling for a new Apostolic Prayer Army to join Him in releasing Heaven’s agenda. This wineskin of new leadership must have the wisdom and authority to set their hearts properly as they respond in this critical time and season.

Its critical we see from God’s perspective!

 When God called for the people of Israel to step into the Promised Land, only two of twelve leaders (Joshua and Caleb) stepped out in faith and experienced the power of convergence. They saw what God was seeing (Num 14:6-9). This reality does not always make you popular with the crowd, but offers enormous favor with God.

Don’t fear being part of a remnant:

 Convergence occurs with a remnant that respond out of a larger invitation; but it is this remnant, that will impact entire nations! God has plans for me, my region, and my unique time and place in the world. There is a divine convergence that is about to take place and I do not want to miss out. In this day I must choose not to forsake the Lord and forget His mountain (Isa 2:2). God has prepared a table for me and a drink (counsel) for my thirsty soul (Ps 23:5) “in the midst of my enemies”.

To live out of convergence: 

The Holy Spirit is calling a people, to have ears that hear the Father’s voice and eyes to seek His delight. Gifts alone won’t cut it, we will need to become followers of Christ at a deeper level of obedience. Even in the midst of an evil day we will need to declare the goodness of the Lord. We must still live from a true conviction that God takes no delight in the shame of the wicked; while we also believe God to move His people forward into occupying their promised land.

 Scripture reveals the strength that emerges from the cluster.  ”Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity… for there the Lord commanded the blessing – Life forevermore” (Ps 133:1-3). Its the Commander’s Blessing that convergence reveals. 

God is saying: ”Be empowered to prosper”.

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