Dancing With Porcupines

I can remember so often as a kid those experiences in the doctor’s office with my mother after a fall or serious cut… the question from the doctor was always “so where does it hurt?”. Our response was easy because identifying a natural problem is all about getting to the source of the pain. Emotional problems on the other hand are more difficult because they often develop out of hidden or vulnerable circumstances.

 So much pain can be generated by the wounds of a critical comment or a judgemental attitude. Our tendency is to ignore or cover the pain for the moment, while we sense a stinging sensation just below the “skin”. Somebody recently made a statement that I thought was insightful yet a bit funny, they said;

 “Loving people is like slow dancing with porcupines.”

 My personal observation is that most of us are not good at loving one another, because we are overly sensitive and easily offended. One reason for this is that we ignore and cover up the pain we inflict upon each other. I think we are expecting it to just go away in time.

 Jesus commands us to forgive and reconcile our difficulties with one another, because every wound offers Satan fuel to light fires of deception within our hearts and lives.

 Satan’s greatest strategy is to bring accusation and stir up strife. He knows that once there is a root of bitterness in the heart there will be every form of evil desire, because the wounded heart becomes selfish and “self-protecting”.

 Its a natural reaction when we feel unsafe or threatened, to flinch or shield ourselves.

 Emotionally we do the same thing when we make the choice not to trust again… not to allow ourselves to be vulnerable again. Doctor Jesus wants to say to all of us… “Where does it hurt?”

 We must become quick to bring our pain to God and allow His love to wash us completely clean.

 Its the work of the Holy Spirit to bring renewal and refreshing to the brokenness that relationships often hand us. He heals our woundedness and restores our passion for life.

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