Day 1 of Crusades in Kenya

Seeing Honor   

     Ron was picked up this morning by Pastor Wycliffe and his driver.   As they were driving down the road Ron noticed that there were about 10 motorcycles in front of their car, 2 by 2, and they had flags on them and they were waving  palm branches and honking.  Ron commented on them to Pastor Wycliffe and how it was almost like a parade.  Pastor Wycliffe replied, “It is a parade for you.  To celebrate the “man of God” coming to our town.”  Because of the honking, people were coming out of the shops and homes to see what was going on.  Then they would look in the car and see the mazunga (the white man) and they would all wave.  A great way to start the 1st day of the crusades.

Seeing Restoration

   Ron and Pastor Wycliffe arrived at the building the Pastors were meeting at for the day, and the next 3 days. 

Ron praying for Pastors and Leaders

 There were around 50 Pastors or so.  Some from Uganda,  some from Mt. Elgon, some from Eldoret, and the rest from Webuye.  Ron had 4 sessions with the Pastors today.  Ron’s first session of the day dealt with “Orphanhood”.  Ron shared his own testimony of being orphaned as a child and going through the foster care system until the Bateman’s adopted him at the age of 9.  Many Pastors grew up orphans and could relate to what Ron was sharing.  Ron brought the healing message of the Father’s love for them.  Many shared testimonies later of God healing hurts in their hearts. 

That God is a “Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows”, and that “He places the lonely in families” Psalm 68:5-6

   Ron also shared about the Glory, and how money is not really the point.  That we receive all we have need of in His glory, and finding His glory and discovering what that looks like will bring what we need.

“My God shall supply all you need accord to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus”    Phillipians 4:18

Seeing Salvation

   The evening service began at 5 pm Kenyan time.  It was raining the entire day, and although the Pastors were excited for the rain, it would need to stop for the outdoor evening service.  The Pastors prayed together, and the rain stopped!

"Raise your hand if you want Jesus!!"

  The outdoor venue was in a courtyard in the city with shops on either side.  By the time Ron began preaching a crowd of over 1,000 people came out to listen.  Ron described it as 6 tiers of people with probably 200 people/tier.  He said probably half of them were children, and they loved listening.  He said they would come close and even stand in the mud to drink in every word spoken. 

The altar call at the end of the service brought 50-70 people accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior!! and an older man healed of  a stomach ailment he had suffered with for many years.  Yeah God!!

Day 2 of Crusades coming tomorrow……

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  • Eggy:

    We’re praying that God will continue to speak through you and that the people of Kenya will truly be changed by His Spirit!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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