Discerning Seasons

“Then, being divinely warned in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed for their own country another way.” (Mt. 2:12)

Things in life can shift so quickly that we must stay tuned into Christ and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit at all times. God works in seasons and when a new season is before us we often need a new mindset to respond accurately to the new information and the unfamiliar environment. Most of our greatest victories are seen emerging out of seasons where we were quick to respond to life… trusting God and obeying His voice!

Remind yourself: God is always in the new season before you!

A powerful example of this is when the Magi followed a star to find the infant King Jesus. King Herod feels the challenge of a new king in his kingdom and eventually calls for the death of all the infants in the region. This enormous reaction would create a disturbance in the natural realm and yet Heaven itself was unmoved, because God was already at work in the new season. God warns the Magi; in a dream, to return to their own country by a different path. God also releases an angel to speak with Joseph in a dream about gathering his little family and going to Egypt for a while.

We must recognize the significance of the Spirit’s voice in seasons like this, because it can become an issue of life and death.

Just yesterday I mentioned a shift in the Heavenly realms to a fellow believer, explaining this very issue with him about his mindset in seasonal changes. In my conversation I warned him to “be very careful”, because reactions are based so much on our heart, our discipline and our sensitivity. Sometimes, bad decisions are made in haste that can effect the rest of our lives. This can happen simply because we find ourselves unable to see the bigger picture and discern seasonal shifts.

About 2 hours later; while he was pondering our words and driving home, he came into a near death experience. An oncoming car tried to pass four other vehicles and forced him into the ditch. As he sat along the side of the road what became real to him was how quickly circumstances change and how responsive a “spiritual person” needs to be. God had given him the opportunity to experience an unwelcome moment… and it was his reaction time that saved his life. It was there that he recognized the value of discernment… most discernment comes out of our discipline. His discipline as a driver became the teaching tool for his spiritual ability to hear and set his mind to understand the serious nature of a seasonal shift.

God often gives us warnings in the midst of seasonal shifts. Grace is released to God’s Servants… so we can make adjustments in our thinking, our behavior and our responses. We need to look for God whenever we come upon surprises… a seasonal shift might be around the corner.

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