Dream Big Dreams

All this Fountain can handle

Don't make a wish, release a dream

I’m impressed with people who dream big dreams and I find myself asking the question…

 ”How does a person begin to think that they can accomplish the seemingly impossible?”

 This question has stumped many I’m sure, but my guess is that the answer is really quite simple… permission! That’s right more than anything in the world the platform for amazing dreams is permission. To know that you have permission to dream allows you to see differently.

 We have more information than we live in and so often we limit our experience by what we feel is acceptable in the eyes of those around us. Its time to break free from those limits.

 God has called everyone to a life of impossibilities and the only way to break through at times is to creatively think outside the box… to dream.

 To accomplish the impossible takes God-sized ideas. We cannot be fearful or insecure about our access to the Throne of Grace, if we are going to obtain the dreams God wants to release into our lives.

 I like to be around people who’s first response to a God-sized idea is (1 Sam 14:7) “Do all that you have in mind. Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” Begin to give yourself permission by speaking what God says about you. He will shape how you see your “possible ability”.

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