Enemy Lines

Call for Prayer in Uganda: 
2 weeks ago

Pastor Francis Wanyama

We just received word today that the new church building in the Namaingo township (Uganda) has burned. It is a very suspicious issue in the bush regions. We know we are stepping across into enemy territory and challenging the kingdoms of darkness on many levels. Yet we are praying for strength and perseverance as our team is determined to press on in faith.

 Pastor Francis’ email to me today:

Dear Apostle Ron:
I have written to inform you that our new church building in Namaingo was burnt to the ground. We have not got the cause yet. Otherwise we are to begin putting up a new structure to accommodate the people this Sunday.
Pastor Francis Wanyama


1st Week of Worship

A Full House

So I just got off the phone with Pastor Francis and evidently some children in the area were playing with fire on a windy day. They would not admit to Francis that they had done it, but they told him that it had happened that way. He tells me that the evidence all points in their direction, but it is a useless process to press the children.

“We will Rebuild!” 
 Pastor Francis reassures me that he is okay as he tells me about rebuilding. Yet it is a very sad moment in the progress of this new congregation. He tells me of several members who were crying over the loss and collects his own emotions at times as he speaks with me on the phone. They have met this morning with the pastors in the area and it has been decided that they should not rebuild with grass, but iron sheeting. This will require much more time and money, but they shall go ahead and believe God for it. In the meantime they will worship under the shade of a tree until it is complete.

The financial burden is great – please consider helping us rebuild this building… the total cost is about $1500.00. Either contact us directly or use the paypal option in the upper right hand corner of this site. It is safe and easy… Thank you for your consideration.

  • each “iron sheet” – $12.00 (we will need at least 40 sheets)
  • each wooden post – $3-5.00 (we will need at least 25)
  • each bench – $15.00 (we need about 30)
  • each chair – $4.00 (we need about 50) 


“I have a Church that meets under a tree!”

These words take me back to the day I met Pastor Francis… it was about 2 years ago at a conference in Webuye, Kenya. He had a team of three or four pastors with him and it was obvious from their respect of his leadership, that he was very special. I asked him, “So brother, tell me about your work in Uganda?” He said to me, in a very honorable way, “Our Church gathers under a tree.” He went on to explain the powerful impact they were having in the region, but all I can remember were those words… “Church gathered under a tree”. It was less than a year later that doors opened for me to do a leader’s conference in Uganda - under that same tree. Since then God has used Pastor Francis to raise up an Apostolic Training Center and plant 4 more churches in the area. Almost 2 years have passed and God is bringing Pastor Francis back to gathering under a tree. The prophetic sound in my heart is clear…

Don’t ever lose your love for the Tree of Life! When you cross enemy lines you will need its shade in the midst of the battle.

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