Exhaust Yourself

Worship is the logical response of the created… toward the Creator. Scripture invites us, as the lovers of God to worship Him with all we are… expressive and holding nothing back (Mt 22:37)(Jn 4:23-24). We find ourselves accepting His invitation to “come up here…” and see the worship taking place in Heaven (Rev 4:1-2).

 The worshipper exists to be a demonstration of “on earth as it is in Heaven…” (Mt 6:10).

 Worship is for us a longing and release of the beauty of Heaven through creative flow, the sounds of Heaven through music and the movement of Heaven through dance.

 It has often been said that the “signature experience” at heavenly gateways is the joy of God’s Manifest Presence.

 When you come to any spiritual gateway, you may notice that worship is different. The Holy Spirit ushers us into new and intimate places, under an open Heaven, where we are learning to express deep passion to God that He is worthy to receive.

 We seek this experience… to be led by the Holy Spirit as we flow with Him in spontaneous motion and sounds.

 Our focus in worship is to prefer the Lord, rather than personal needs, desires or musical preferences. Holy Spirit is teaching all of us how to minister to the Lord, as we choose within our hearts to look into the face of Jesus, gazing on the beauty of who He is to each of us. We believe that as we learn to do this, the Lord will release more and more of His Glory on us corporately.

 As each one of us becomes radically extravagant in our worship, He will become more extravagant in our living. We want to worship as ones who could never give back to God the Glory He deserves.

 Exhaust yourself on Him, reserving no reputation for yourself.

We must choose to take on an identity that may even seem contradictory to our personality… becoming known as people who are desperate for God.

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