Expecting Fullness

If you have ever been in an atmosphere of expectation; where the air seems to be charged with excitement and faith, then you know what the Upper Room must have felt like almost 2000 years ago. Ten days of waiting for a gift that Jesus said would revolutionize humanity.

 Somehow we have limited our desire to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Jesus made it clear to all that life was to be lived in the supernatural realm… with the resources of Heaven being available as our inheritance.

 It is not possible to live the Christian life from natural resources.

 We are called to a life of the impossible. The disciples did not have any difficulty waiting for the gift of the Holy Spirit, because they had become very used to seeing demons flee, eyes open and dead bodies come to life. Their hunger was based upon an extreme standard of relationship… they knew the answer. They had become a close friend and had watched the One who held the answer to human need. His statement to them was the mandate of a lifelong dream and they would not have missed it for the world…

 ”Go wait in Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.”

He was explaining their inheritance… what they could expect to “spend” after He was gone. Jesus was connecting the lifestyle they had come to understand with their available resources. It was almost like a Father explaining the family budget… except this budget has no limits.

 It was power to do the impossible.

 He had already taught them that the Holy Spirit would guide them into all Truth and make the things that He taught and demonstrated relevant to their daily experience. Now they would see even greater things in their day. It would require the ongoing experience of being endued (equipped) with power from on high.

 No they were not about to miss this experience even though they wouldn’t have been able to define it before it happened. Their sense was that they would know it when they got it and that the flow of power that followed would enable them to do what Jesus had been doing. Amazingly Jesus was telling them the Truth. The power of the Holy Spirit, was a resource that met the need of their day to such a degree that they continually asked for more… and received it.

 This experience of the fullness of the Spirit was no small thing to them and it should never become a small thing to us. His power is our resource to live a life of the impossible… we must become a people expecting fullness.

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