Experience His Triumph

Like the Champion of Peace there is just no challenger to Christ’s authority and power. He has won the victory… He has overcome the grave and reigns for all to see.

Our declaration is for more… “Release the Kingdom – power in our day.”

This can be the generation of reconciliation where a sharp contrast is displayed between the meaningless rituals of idolatry and the glorious substance of life in the Kingdom of God.

We are hungry for more!

The enormous chasm that once stood between God and man has been eliminated and the cross has established a bridge to freedom. All the world must know, they must be told of all that has been accomplished through the blood of the Perfect Man.

Jesus is our Peace!

It’s the “life experience”… the breaking of Satan’s grip. The Prince of Righteousness who rides upon the wind is alive and calling forth the nations… “Come ride with Me; Come live in victorious triumph where all things have become new!” The joy of life… the life of joy. This is our destiny because He is our Champion of Peace who has won the victory.

So let His Glory be revealed – let the wind blow and let the fire rest upon this generation.

We shall see in our day the drawing forth of the Sons and Daughters… those who will ride upon His power and experience triumph like never seen before.

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