Father’s Way

Thanks Scott

You inspire me!

This is a Father’s Day testimony I thought my readers would love… it serves to remind me of the simple Truth;  God raises up the humble in due season (James 4:10). I love it when we listen to the Father’s way of getting us into our posture for promotion.

Hey Ron- What a great gift for Fathers Day. For the first time I got to lead a person to faith in Jesus Christ. It is amazing what God will do. As our pastor gave the altar call, up came a young man that had been walking through some very familiar stuff. He was tired of trying to fix something that only God can fix. Pastor pointed to me to pray with him and the Holy Spirit took it from there. So now this up and coming Spirit Filled Southern Baptist Church has a “First Things Class” that I am blessed to teach to new believers and young couples. GO GOD!

It feels like I am just stepping into all that God has been preparing me for when my wings were clipped. Ron, it feels so good. Karen and I heard “I Exalt Thee” on the radio the other day and suddenly my mind went back to worship in your home. From that place I learned to enter in. God has really blessed us all. Thank You.

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