Fellowship With God

Scripture clearly invites all people to have fellowship with God and no matter where we have come from, there are no limits to God’s loving embrace.

* The only criteria that must be met in order to establish access into fellowship is that we come to God through Jesus… His only begotten Son (Jn 3:16-17).

There is a wonderful Old Testament process laid out in the Bible called the tabernacle experience. The one who wanted to enjoy fellowship with God would enter into the Holy of Holies and would learn to live this tabernacle experience. It reflects our relational life with Jesus perfectly and is a journey into the heart of our Heavenly Father. Enjoy the imagery as I walk you through it now and allow the Holy Spirit to walk along as your Guide.

Our journey begins at the “gate of salvation”, whereby we enter with thanksgiving, clothing ourselves with a white garment,called the Robe of Righteousness (Ps. 100:4; Isa 61:10). Christ Jesus has provided this for all  who have placed their faith and trust in His atoning Blood from Calvary’s Cross. We then come immediately upon a brazen altar where atonement for sin was made by the offering of an unblemished Lamb. Here we offer our  own lives as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God (Rom. 12:1-2). We do this not only at the point of salvation, but also as a daily experience, as we awaken each morning.

Next, we come before the golden laver (a table with a basin of water), where we are washed with the washing of the water of the Word (Eph. 5:26). As we look intently upon the Word, we allow it to cleanse our lives, purifying our actions. Therefore, the pattern of regular Bible meditation becomes a part of our daily approach to God.

Then we enter the Holy Place, the realm of our souls, and God deals with our mind, will and emotions. First we go to the table of showbread, a place where the priests ate together around a table. This represents the fellowship we enjoy in the family of God as we partake together of God’s provision. As the grain is ground fine to make the bread, so our wills are ground fine as we fellowship with other believers. As we allow this process to happen, we are prepared to go even further into the depths of God’s heart.

Next, we stop at the golden lampstand, made of beaten gold which represents the crushing of our sinful desires, and lit by oil, representing the illumination of the Holy Spirit. As we examine the Word under the illumination of the Holy Spirit, we find revelation knowledge pouring into our souls, transforming our lives and taking us even deeper into the presence of God (2 Cor. 3:18).

We then move to the altar of incense, where we learn to offer continuous praise and worship unto the Most High God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. As a fragrant aroma ascended perpetually from this altar, so our praise and worship ascends perpetually before the nostrils of the Lord (Ps. 141:2). We have learned to be worshipers. Through revelation knowledge, we have seen that the Most High rules in the affairs of man, and we have learned to worship Him everywhere, in everything (Dan. 4:17). We have learned to worship in spirit and in truth (Jn. 4:24).

I invite you to come daily to have fellowship with God through the Lord Jesus. God’s love has been revealed to us so that we might enjoy the abundance of His counsel and the goodness of His grace. He will listen if you will come.

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