When you begin to study or research different topics in the Bible there is a common term called the “Law of First Mention”.  What this means is that if you are studying a topic in the Bible, you look for where it is first mentioned in the Bible and that should have some significance.

Upon arriving in Uganda we began to see a whole lot of “firsts”.

Ready for a Celebration

   It began with our first trip into the “bush”.  We traveled on roads barely wider than our vehicle to an opening where large tents were set up to prepare for a celebration. Pastor Jimmy was meeting with the students and the air was permeated with the expectation of what this celebration was bringing to the region.  You see the Busia District is very remote and there has never been a school of this kind in that region – a first.  There were over 1,200 villagers, which included relatives of the students, to watch the ceremony.  There were members of the local government as well as a member of Parliament set to address the crowd.  They each took turns speaking of the impact of this day. 

The team began to mention some of the firsts.  It was the first time for most of us to be in Africa.  These students were finishing their first year of the first Apostolic Training Center.  This is the first school of its kind and the first celebration in the Busia District. It was also, the first time in the history of the area that church leaders from different theological backgrounds and denominations have united to experience anything like this spiritual journey. 

120 1st Year Students

Throughout the day all we could do is look at one another in awe. For one it was the culmination of 12 years of praying to get to Africa, for another it was the thrill of experiencing a new culture. We were seeing firsthand the fruit of seeds sown. I wept as joy radiated from the faces of the 120 students that we have spoken about, prayed for and fed monthly. 

In Awe of God’s Handiwork!

We kept telling each other, “Oh we need this on video or we need more pictures”, and then realizing that there are some things that touch your heart so deeply that you can’t describe them and a picture just won’t capture it all. God was shaping the hearts of these students and as we watched, He was shaping our hearts as well!

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