Flow of Destiny

“You will decree a thing and it shall be established for you!”  (Job 22:28)

God is asking us to respond everyday through the eyes of faith… to see spiritually. One of the most unique things happened the Sunday prior to my first invitation into Africa. I preached a prophetic message that became significant to us all. The message was about promotion and it followed with a supernatural declaration…

“Today is Your Promotion Day!”

In my spirit I could sense the Holy Spirit saying, we were entering a season of promotion and the fellowship would see itself through different eyes after this moment. Boom! - A Holy Spirit transition was released!

Declare Something:

Sometimes you just need to declare something… something that is in the heart of God and part of your own personal mission in life. God’s word is already settled in heaven (Psa. 119:89), but you need to establish it in the earth where you have authority. Everything changes after that moment of prophetic declaration and everyone in the fellowship this particular Sunday, felt the shift that took place.

The Effect:

That Monday, one family was offered a promotion into a ministry position they had been looking into for two years, another individual received three new clients and on Wednesday I was invited by a prominent pastor to preach in East Africa. There was more, but suffice to say – assignments were being handed out and everyone in the place who believed for their destiny to advance… received!

This was no ordinary promotion, it carried a Divine flow of destiny. The Holy Spirit had been brooding over this fellowship for over a year, waiting for the Word of the Lord to shift the alignment of people’s vision. God, Himself was declaring a New Thing and we were engaged to receive. There was no time spent questioning the validity of God’s heart, only a surrender of our plans. 

Remind yourself, at the same time a shift is taking place in your destiny, a brooding Holy Spirit is preparing a people for breakthrough somewhere else in the world.

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