Gary’s Heart

This post is a simple moment of evangelism between a man named Gary and my daughter, JoHanna: Enjoy…

I just got to evangelize to an older gentleman named Gary in the park. I was hesitant to be friendly toward him at first because I was alone, but there was a park ranger in the parking lot just chillin’ (and probably watching us, since we were alone), so I figured I was safe to talk with him.

I sat with my journal and he asked me if I was a writer. I explained I was just writing some thoughts from God in my journal and then told him where I went to school, which quickly turned into a discussion about what he believed about God.

He talked and talked, repeating himself and being very careful not to say anything offensive. I could tell he was a man with a gentle and quiet spirit, who’d been through lots of heartbreak concerning God and family and religion. He told me he was an “open-minded” individual who believed that loving people and respecting others was all that mattered in life… no matter what “god” you believed in. He also said he enjoyed studying religion and was always open to hearing other perspectives.

Over the time we talked, he asked me lots of questions about how God had revealed Himself to me. I was able to share a lot with him. But I also heard him say that he lost his father when he was young, and his only experience with religion was taking his heartbroken mother to church every Sunday after his father died.

As we were leaving… Gary let me pray for him. I prayed that God would reveal Himself as a father, and then I encouraged him to keep studying about God. And I told him that God would surely meet him in that place.

Please join me in prayer for Gary. As I drove home from the park I wept for him, the Lord so desires to have his heart!

Pray for a revelation of Jesus Christ… for Gary’s heart!

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