God is still Moving

After a few years of not making any trips to Africa, Ron and I knew that this trip would be one of discovery.  The focus would be on leaders and seeing what is really on the ground for the Apostolic Training Centers.  It would also be a trip of evaluation….what it working, and what needs to be changed.

Here are a couple of testimonies from Ron’s transportation and fellow Pastor in Christ, Pastor Peter Momanyi:

Praise God, what a wonderful opportunity I have gotten to be under the apostolic training where apostle Ron is really being used by God to bring great revelations of the message of glory, I have walked with this man right away from the time he landed on the Kenyan soil, really he has changed my life….God really used him to minister to me as we drove some good kilometers from Nairobi to Kericho. In kericho he challenged a group of 60 pastors who attended the training as well as launching the training….after the training one the strong catholic leaders followed Ron to my office and asked him to lead him to salvation Glory to God! the following day we drove to kisii we had a wonderful training which attracted some pastors from Homabay at the end of kisii training in the hotel where we put up the power of the glory was still at work, the owner of the hotel who wants to contest in the general election in the month of August asked Ron to pray for him and lay his hand on him(amen). Immediately after that a man walked into the hotel selling peanuts, this man was 80% blind, after Ron prayed and laid his hands on his eyes this man walked out of that place with a miracle of seeing, what a mighty God we serve…thanks we are now in Bungoma being the first day… expecting more from God!

They traveled from Kissi to Bungoma, Kenya.  There Ron discovered the face that there were not just 5-6 Apostolic Training Centers, but actually more than 20.  The students who have been through all 3 years of training were there to hear the messages first hand and to also celebrate completion of their 3 years of training.  Several students shared testimony of how the school changed their life, their families, and now their cities…….

We just ask for MORE Lord, more for You and Your Glory Father!

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