Great Joy in Mt. Elgon

Seeing Supernatural Strength

   Ron thought Sunday would be similar to the Western world; come in, go out, go home, and rest. The Holy Spirit had other plans! The church service lasted 6 hours, with lots of (you got it) dancing, praising and rejoicing. The place was packed and standing room only. Ron was able to get some of this on video tape and we can’t wait to share it!

Ron in front of the Falls

 On Monday (Ron’s day off), they traveled to Broderick Falls, outside Webuye. They are beautiful and offer a wonderful shift from ministry duties. On the way home Pastor Wycliffe mentioned that there was to be a pastors fellowship meeting after lunch. So they stopped and Ron ministered to the pastors for about 3 hours.  After this meeting, Ron and Pastor Wycliffe went to the local hospital in Webuye, to see Pastor Wycliffe’s great grandmother.  They prayed for her and also for everyone individually in the hospital. Ron explained that this was a very moving experience considering the hospital was overcrowded and that many of the beds had more than one patient in them. Most were very sick with Malaria and stomach ailments. After this Ron was able to rest.

Seeing More

   Today Ron went up to Mt. Elgon to speak in a couple of local churches there. Neither church had more than 30 regular members. Yet by the time Ron arrived there were over 100 people in the building with people on the outside listening and little children looking through the windows to see the Mazunga preach.  So many people were hungry to hear the Word of God. Ron preached 4 sessions and had a crusade afterwards in the local market. The 1st 3 sessions were  from 10 am-3 pm and then there was a break for lunch. Some of the topics that really resonated with these folks were ”Knowing God as a Good Father” and “How We are His Favorite Child”

Worship on Mt. Elgon

In between the 3rd and 4th sessions, the Presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong. Several young men jumped up and began to play the authentic tribal drums and soon the place erupted into praise. The whole place began to dance for joy and worship God with a tribal voice… it was powerful. From this mountain top the praises of God seemed to arise over the country of Kenya. It felt like the sound was setting the captives free, releasing the oil of joy for mourning and dancing for the spirit of heaviness. Ron jumped off the small platform and joined them in the dance and if possible, the intensity increased.

Seeing God’s Salvation

The Pastor of this small church approached Ron during the break and told him that on this day he wanted to be called “Simeon”. Ron asked why. The elderly pastor explained, “I  am 85 years old and have waited my whole life to see a Mazunga (white man), bring the Glory of God to this mountain.  You have done this and now I can die, a happy man.” (Lk 2:25)

Seeing True Hunger

   Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for righteousness and they shall be filled.  (Mt 5:6)

The people sat with great anticipation and every Word seemed to feed their hungry souls. They listened for hours, wept at every open altar, rejoiced over every breakthrough and danced ’til they could not lift their feet.  There was not one moment, they were not engaged in what the Holy Spirit was doing. At every invitation, they were joining Him and drinking deeply from the Wells of Salvation. I truly believe that today their hunger was filled! Ron is heading back up the mountain tomorrow to meet with 2 other village churches.

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