Growing in Favor

Three days before Ron was due to leave for Uganda we were busy getting everything ready to go. Ron had gone to lunch with our oldest son, Zach, and to run final errands in town.  Ron’s first stop was at the bank.  He was getting the money out for the trip and as he was doing this he told the cashier about his upcoming trip to Uganda and that one of the things he would be doing is having training sessions for Pastors.  About that time Ron asked, “Do you think the bank would be able to send a few pens with me?” The cashier asked how many Ron needed.  Ron informed the cashier that he was taking 100 manuals, so maybe 100 pens.  The cashier went to the back room and pulled out a box of 100 pens!

"Let them grow in favor Lord"

Ron’s next stop was to the music store to get some guitar strings.  The owner of the music store asked Ron about his upcoming trip to Uganda.  Ron shared what his plans were and then the store owner asked Ron if they ever had a need for music equipment in the places where Ron ministered.  Ron told him they always have a need.  The owner told Ron that the next time he was headed to Africa he would set Ron up with microphones and cords for $10 a set!

From there Ron went to refill ink cartridges for our printers.  He was talking to the manager about the best way to print off the manuals and get the managers opinion.  The manager handed Ron a colored ink cartridge that was a little different, but held more ink.  He told Ron to check it out with his printer and to see if it worked.  He sent it home with Ron for free!

Two days later we are at the baggage check point at the airport.  We had called the airlines the day before to check on prices for a second bag that would hold the manuals for the Pastors.  We were told it could be anywhere from $80 – $150.  Ron brought both bags up.  The gal checking his bags in informed him that he would be able to take 2 bags free or it could cost up to $80 for the second bag.   She then double checked with several superiors and the connecting airlines and no one could give her a definite answer on the charges.  So, she told Ron she would just check both bags free.

After the first two instances, I kept hearing the words from Luke 2:52..

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and favor with God and  man.”

There are times in our lives where we are growing in favor, and maybe not even aware of it!  It’s obvious in this scripture that not only was Jesus aware of it, but so was everyone around him.  So, obvious that Luke mentions it.

So, now I was looking for favor.  While in the grocery store, in the mall and where ever I happened to be.  I looked for the obvious signs of favor.  The favor of a God who really likes me and times he looks at me and says, “There she is, my favorite one!”

This scripture is also in 1 Samuel 2:26.  It seems to be in such a random spot.  As you are reading in that chapter, and even before that, it is speaking of all the nasty things that Eli’s sons are doing, and the impending judgement on them and then all of a sudden, out of the blue…..“And the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor with the Lord and  men”.  It’s almost like an afterthought or something that the writer was like “Oh, by the way, Samuel”.

My desire is to recognize God’s favor, and then “grow or increase” in it to the point that people see it on me.

I don’t think this comes by accident.  I also don’t think this comes through perfection.  I really think it’s more about my heart.  That my heart so longs to connect with my loving Father and so desires to know what He thinks, what He wants to do, that His response back to me is favor.

Ron was sitting outside of his room having tea (in Uganda) and the manager of his lodgings came out and joined him.  They had a wonderful conversation about Uganda.  Where the country had been and where this manager, Clement, saw it going.  At some point in the conversation Clement mentioned that he used to be the hotel manager for a large Sheraton hotel in Kampala, Uganda and while he was there the President of Uganda stayed at the hotel he was managing.  During one of the hotel visits the President asked to meet Clement and then invited Clement to join the President for dinner that evening.  As Ron was sharing this story with me all I could think of was …….favor

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