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Harold Eberly and his wife, Linda are two folks in whom I have great respect.  Based upon my experience with Worldcast Ministry and the flow of anointing in their life, I wanted to extend this message to my readers. I am seeing in our own work of planting Training Centers in East Africa, the huge impact to the nations. I believe its our responsibility to reach out, disciple the nations and raise up a fresh new vision of God’s heart in the world. I am constantly bombarded with calls from locations where Islam is being established, so I am excited to hear of Brother Eberly’s wonderful work. Praise God – Read and Enjoy!

Dear Brother in Christ,

For a long time I have been dreaming about working in the Middle East. It is God’s dream. There are over 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and God loves them. His heart is reaching out to them. His Spirit is preparing them. Millions are experiencing dreams about Jesus. He is ready to bring in a great harvest and I have been asking God if I can join Him in leading 20 millions Muslims to Him. He is telling me, “Yes.”

I get different reactions when I share this dream with friends. Some are overwhelmed by the size of that number and their eyes glaze over partly because they have no frame of reference for why I would even want to bother with the Muslims. The reason I bother is because God has put them in my heart. I love them. They are people just like you and me. I also have faith that it is possible. We have already been able to help establish two Bible Colleges in Pakistan, and our leaders there have led over 20,000 to Jesus in the last two years.

Other friends who hear me share this vision for 20 million Muslims have the opposite reaction and wonder why I am limiting salvations to that number. I know there are many other people whom God will use to bring in millions more. As for me, I need a goal. I need a starting point. But I have learned that every time I get my faith up to some point where I am believing God for something big, He always goes beyond what I am asking. Once I get my faith up there, doors start to open, I meet the right people, and everything I need begins to fall into place. That is how God works.

Now a major door has been opened. A Pakistani leader/friend has asked me to teach a daily program on the television station that his church operates. It is directed toward presenting the simple message of God’s love throughout the Middle East. Actually the satellite signal for this station covers over half of the world’s population, including China, India, and all of the Middle East. It is nothing like Christian broadcasting in America. There is no money raising. It is purely outreach to a world that has not heard the truth of Jesus Christ. It is what I want to do. God put this in me.

Starting June 1, my teachings (video-taped here in America) will be broadcast twice each day, seven days each week, from Pakistan throughout the surrounding nations. Because the leader of the station values my teachings, he is offering me prime-time slots on the station. We will be calling the program, The Gospel of Peace.

Here in America it has been estimated that the Church spends about $200,000 for every person led to Jesus. In the evangelistic meetings that we have so far held in the Middle East it has cost about 60 cents per person who responds to the gospel. Through this television it will be even more economical because the harvest is so abundant right now. Presently the television station has about 4,000 people calling in everyday for prayer. I hope to see this multiplied many times over.

Now I need to raise $4,000 per month. About half of this is for production of the programs and the other half is for support of the Pakistani station. So I am bringing my need to you. As in previous years, you have given my vision wings. I wouldn’t ask if I could afford this on my own. $4,000 per month only requires 30 friends giving $133 per month. Or 133 friends giving $30 per month.

We already got started. We held a fund-raising dinner two weeks ago and raised $1,339 per month, along with one time gifts of $5,500. I am hoping I can find some more friends out there. If I can manage to raise the rest, those 20 million Muslims are as good as saved. Please consider it. I am just asking for commitments between now and the end of the year. If you join me, I will keep you abreast of the happenings. Then in December I will contact you again to see if you want to continue. If you have a heart for the lost, please join me. Thank you.

Your Brother,

Check out our Middle East Television on our website: http://worldcastministries.com/middle-east-television-partnership/

That is also where you can donate. Or you can call our office: 509-248-5837

Your Brother, Harold

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