Hear the Sounds

     As a mother of 5 there are many times in my house you will hear me say, “What is that sound?”  There are recognizable sounds that we get accustomed to every day…… sounds of people going up and down the stairs, singing, laughing, teasing.  I’ll never forget when our oldest son’s voice changed.  I would be working on something upstairs and then all of a sudden hear this strange male voice coming from downstairs.  It would always take me by surprise and I would think “who is that strange man downstairs?” and then a second later think “Oh that’s Zach!”

    While Ron is in Africa I get to correspond with many Pastors/leaders through e-mail and in this I get to hear “their” sound.  The sound of testimonies, the sound of hope, the sound of healing, the sound of humility, the sound of sacrifice, and even the sound of pain.  I’ve asked their permission to reprint some of the recent “conversations” I’ve had with a few Pastors.  Listen carefully to hear the sound of their heart.

Shalom Brother Ron.
It was such a great and wonderful time for the leaders and Pastors in Bugiri, Uganda.   We give glory to God who brought this conference to pass in such a successful and glorious way.
We extend our gratefulness to you for allowing the Spirit of God use you and speak to the leaders of our community. I also appreciate the Pastors who came from four different districts to come and listen to the word of God.

 I trust that when we make it next time it is going to be greater than this. in fact next time we need to plan early to allow time for good mobilisation and booking a bigger venue  because according to the telephone calls we are receiving now, I know we hope to host more than 1,000 pastors and the Lord will do it. Halleluia.  Sister Betty Kirunda

Here is more from Pastor Lukas Maina, Eldoret, Kenya 

This is Pastor Lukas Maina being prayed for!

 As apostle Ron prays for me,when he put this hands upon me ,I felt the Lord supernatural power over whelmed me,and some thing like a cold water moved from my head to my feet,a peace and joy of Holy Ghost sweep over me,and a great stress in my heart and mind left me!

   “The sound of Your love,  the sound of Your love is what Your hearing”…….Leeland


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