His Hands

When the Lord wanted to reassure His disciples of His love and care, He expressed to them that they were held in His hands (Jn 10:27-30).

 Being in Christ’s hands tells me: 3 very important things.

  1. It tells me that I am special to Him.
  2. It tells me that I am secure in Him.
  3. It tells me that I will be sustained.

 I am sure that many of you remember the tingle you felt when you first held hands with your mate. Isn’t that crazy? How could touching someone’s hand be so special? But it is. An open hand often reveals an open heart and when we grasped the hand of the one we love, we were letting them know how we feel deep inside. Think about how much it means that God would want to hold us in His hands.

 To Feel Secure:

 That was the intent of Jesus’ words. He wanted His disciples to know that they were very precious to Him and that He was never going to let them go. “You are in my hands” and My hands are in the hands of the Father and no one is able to snatch you away from us.

To Know Protection:

As a child growing up, I believed that my earthly father could take his hands and do almost anything. If dad put his hand to it, it would be done. How much more reassuring it is to me to know that I have my Heavenly Father sustaining me with His hands.

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