I Choose You

“I Choose You”
by Russ and Kitty Walden

The Father says today:

“I choose you. I lay claim to your life afresh and anew this day. You belong to Me. I bought you with a price and you are Mine. The enemy cannot have you. Sickness cannot have you. Brokenness and heartbreak cannot have you. Addiction cannot have you. I break addiction off of your life this day. Demon spirits cannot have you. I dispel the obnoxious presence of the demonic from your life this day. Religious spirits cannot lay claim to you. I banish religious spirits and religious thinking from your life and your mind this day. From this day forward you will think My thoughts with purity and clarity,” says the Father.

“I bestow upon you the spirit of adoption. Your heart is nestled at My breast, like a baby in the arms of its mother. I am your Source of Life… the nourishment that sustains and satisfies your deepest needs. My heart toward you is set ablaze with delight and pleasure… and you can never offend Me by coming to Me in intimacy and affection. Come to Me… come expecting… come knowing already that I will greet you and embrace you and shower My love and goodness upon you.”

“I will be to you a fountain of living water… for I have chosen you to be My Child. Let the Words of My Mouth be received as the kiss of acceptance. This is to show you of My affections for you. Though you would feel the darkness of your own soul, know this; that I have come to transform your life and give you beauty for ashes and joy for your mourning. I am able to cleanse and transform you into My Image, for you are My beloved and this day I choose to delight Myself in you… and through you”

“Will you choose Me… in this moment, today and in this season?”

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