Imitate the King

Since he could not sleep, the young knight took out his sword, sat by the fire and started to sharpen it. Sharpening a sword was no easy task. It took a lot of patience, discipline, and a steady hand. Sharpening his sword was a task the knight did not mind, but he found little time to accomplish. He knew that a good warrior always keeps his sword sharp…

 that’s what he wanted to be – a good warrior.

Eventually, exhaustion conquered the knight and he fell asleep with the sword in his hand. In the morning, the knight felt surprisingly refreshed. He was ready to face another day in the service of his King. He got his armor ready and in order. His shield shone in the morning sun, his sword was sharp in its sheath and fixed to his side. Everyone around him saw him diligently getting ready for battle and they could not help but be inspired.

 The knight knew he had to press on and keep his eyes on his mission. He also knew that others would look to him for a word of comfort and encouragement. The more he thought about it the more he felt inadequate to handle the task given to him by the King.

 The King! The King would know exactly what to do and say.

 The knight thought of the King and how He would act in a similar situation. A glimmer of hope ran across his heart and he looked up at the sunny day… today, he would imitate the King once again!

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