Impact For Abundance

Impact happens when two things collide. When we pray, we are asking for the Kingdom of Heaven to impact the natural realm around us. A good spiritual example might be when someone prays for you about a particular situation and the anointing creates a shift in the atmosphere. The anointing is God’s great power (dynamite- Gk. “dunamis” Acts 1:8) released by the Holy Spirit to destroy yokes and remove burdens that would otherwise hold us in impossible situations. The anointing, which is a tangible substance, impacts the person or situation like an arrow shot into the area of needed breakthrough. Whether it is a needed healing, an oppressive spirit, a broken heart or a major obstacle… whatever the need, God has an answer that makes an impact.

The anointing of the Lord comes forth through prayer and gives tremendous results.

As the anointing flows through a person’s prayer life or worship, I’ve seen it break open the atmosphere and restore relationship throughout entire families! Imagine this anointing coming into your life and flooding the atmosphere where you live, work or where you meet with friends. God is interested in making an impact through you, into your relationships; so they are filled with more peace, release more joy and carry more significance in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven around you. God’s goal is always to show you that He is a caring Father interested in providing for you… the impact He makes is not set out to control you, but to give you the opportunity to have an abundant life.

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