In Between Stuff

The in-between stuff is the key to great spiritual leadership. If defining reality and influencing others is the appetizer and the “thank-you” is the dessert. What’s the main item on the leader’s menu? Well, I would like to propose that its the in-between stuff, where the true leader serves, inspires and produces. This is where the leader learns and reveals to others the most important truth of all… NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD!

I think of the dash on a tombstone. You’re born one year, there’s a dash and then another year. That dash represents the in-between stuff. Where life has shape and definition… where influence becomes evident. That dash is our life! As a spiritual leader in God’s Kingdom, it’s the in-between stuff… when nobody is looking, that makes all the difference.


As leaders, we often work on the “beginning”: a new program needs to be launched, an organizational meeting must be announced, a committee or board needs to see your vision. The whole team longs for our input, because perception will create motivation in the beginning of something. But whatever it is, it is formed on the inside of us, in those quiet moments where we hear God.


Can I also say we are equally excited about “endings”! We love to celebrate and appreciate jobs well done! Winding down a missions’ trip or honoring other leaders around us. It’s done with skill and finesse. There may be some bitter-sweet feelings at times, but transition pulls on our sense of accomplishment.

Still I have to say…

It’s that in-between stuff that gets done on time, keeps us up late at night and gives us grey hair… that represents the most important work! Its the bread and butter to spiritual leadership. Sometimes we call it the routine, the day-to-day grind or the grunt work, but it is the substance of our offering to God. Its what must be done by faith! The smallest decisions, the little activities, the stuff no one really thinks about… but cannot live without. Its the stuff that requires prayer, God’s counsel and lots of self examination. Its this stuff, between public moments that define us. That’s where spiritual leadership comes together!

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