In the Absence of Revival

Among rocks and rubble we look for anything that could give meaning to the pain and boredom we’ve experienced, even living among God’s own people. The deep feeling of vacancy itching in the soul leaves even the most educated Bible scholar or successful pastor looking deep within themselves and wondering what the point of Christianity is… if it really isn’t pleasurable, and really doesn’t fill the void.

We’ve convinced ourselves as humans that the point of living is to be happy, or maybe to have a big house, to be successful and have a wife or husband and a family that’s perfect. The American dream, I suppose. But all of our efforts and striving fall short, time and time again. They only leave us with a deeper sense of hopelessness and subtle anger at the One whose name is “Pleasure” and “Satisfaction”.

In the depths of the human heart, we know there is a source of pleasure, we know there is a source of love. Some spend a lifetime searching for this source only to find themselves with a broken heart and a twisted view of God.

Things are Not Okay!

In just a short 19 years of living I have realized that things are not okay unless He is with me. Things are not okay when I’m holding myself back from Him, and things are not okay when I search other places. The deepest place in my soul is dead when He is far from me. In my own heart I have found a desperation for His Presence that had been planted in me at a young age. I believe this is all He asks of us… to have a desperate, open heart to Him.

When we search for pleasure in Him, we find it. Not only do we find pleasure, but we bring pleasure to Pleasure Himself. We find our ultimate purpose, and we also find true satisfaction in the deepest parts of our hearts. We find completion. He takes care of us, and leads us in a life that’s pleasing to Him. And He doesn’t JUST satisfy us in the deepest part of our being, He leads us in the paths of righteousness. He doesn’t JUST tell us to love Him, He teaches us how and then rewards us for the good work that He did in us. His heart is beautiful, and it cleanses us of boredom and anger, and it gives a heavenly pleasure that far surpasses comprehension. This pleasure literally lasts forever, and only gets better and better as the years come and go.

What a God He is!

He could’ve just told us to serve Him, because He is worthy of it; but instead He wants relationship. To walk with His sons and daughters through the trials and circumstances of this time. This God of power could have started everything over whenever Eve took that bite of the fruit, but His love for us is beyond our grasp, beyond our little peanut-brain’s reach. There is no limit to this Love. Nothing can hold it back. Because of it, there will no longer be a space between God and man. The God of humility came and died, and His very own blood fills the place where that void used to be.

In the absence of revival, the heart searches… But those who search for revival in the heart of God, will surely find it.

written by… My Daughter – Johanna Marie Bateman

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