Increasing Glory

Seeing Healing

    On day 2 of the Pastors conference, the 1st session of the day Ron spoke on “Getting your needs met in the Glory”.    He told them that only through the power of the Holy Spirit and being thoroughly filled by Him can we truly get our needs met. 

Ron eating lunch with the Pastors

  Ron’s greatest desire was to spend quality time with the Pastors and meet with them a few at once, or one on one.  His goal was to do this during  lunch time.  Yesterday he opened that up and not many Pastors took him up on it.  Today they realized he really did want to meet them, get to know their hearts, and love them through whatever they were going through.  Ron said several spoke with him during lunch about issues of purity, holiness, and morality.  Ron wept with them, and prayed with them for the Holy Spirit to meet all of their needs and heal their hurts. 

Seeing Multiplication

     By the time the 4th session began, the small building (the size of a 4 car garage) was filled to capacity with over 200 people.  Word had gotten out, and by the end of the day there were more than just Pastors being ministered to.  People from all ages were crowded in the standing room only building (with no bathrooms, or indoor plumbing) hungry for whatever Word God would give them. The children would sit on the floor for hours and listen.   And God showed up!!!! 

   Once again it rained all day, so at the end of the 4th session the people again prayed for the rain to stop for the crusade meeting in the evening.

Open Heaven

  They watched as the sky opened up and light began shining through.  Ron said, “Do you want to see an Open Heaven?  Look up here it is, prophecy into this Open Heaven what your needs are”.  The people began praying, shouting, and praising God for hearing their voice, and answering their prayers.  This was the beginning of the Glory showing up, and it stayed for the evening crusade.

Seeing Miracles!!

   Again, at least 1000 people or more showed up, 50-75%  were children.  They came out of the shop buildings, from the side streets, and sat, in the mud to hear the Word of the Lord for that day.  Ron’s message was “He Knows Your Name”.  He told them how much God loved them and how He knew them before they were born.  That God not only knew their names,  but He loved them, and He didn’t just love them,  He liked them.  Ron asked who wanted to “know the God who knows your name” come forward Now!  Over 200 people ran to the stage area weeping and crying and giving their hearts to God.  Following that Ron called out for “anyone needing healing”, and 4 people ran foward and were healed immediately.  Next they brought forward someone who had been tormented by demons for years.  They were instantly delivered!  After that Ron called out, “I think we need to celebrate, Let’s Dance!!”  So, the Mazunga (white man) who can’t dance, led them in the dance!!!  The dance began with the 200 in the front (mostly children ages 7-teens) and soon it went  everywhere, along the streets, on the sidewalks, through the courtyard until Ron jumped off the stage and began placing his hands on the crowd of children up front and saying, “I Bless you, I Bless you, I Bless you” over each one.   Then he ran further through the crowd proclaiming blessings on the rest of the people.  He stopped for a moment and looked up and realized the children had formed a line, for the blessing.  That they would each come up to be blessed, and as he watched them leave, they would run to the back of the line to be blessed again!!!  This was just day 2!!

 And the Lord said to Moses, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.” Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”      Exodus 33: 17-18

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